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    Post Anyone feel like battery life is better since Android 10?

    Battery life on android 10 I did a dirty upgrade on Beta 6 by removing -w in flashall.bat. I have no problem in any app so far though there is the odd bug. As far as battery life is concerned I am getting always better than a day with one reading of 5 hours and 30 mins of screen on time and 30%...
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    Post Another brick?

    If the boot loader is locked look for a script for unlocking the bootloader from recovery or bootloader state. I did find it but cannot remember. My bootloader was unlocked so I did not have to use it.
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    Post Google pixel 2 slot unbootable load error

    I had the same problem occur when I tried to restore a nandroid backup. The phone would stay in bootloader with the load error and would not go into recovery or be recognized by the PC. I thought for sure it is bricked. However, luckily before I decided to send it to Google I chanced on a write...
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    Post What's up with the TWRP backups restore

    I did the same thing and ended up in a worse problem. It would not even go into recovery or be recognized by the computer. Gave me a near heart attack and took several hours and some luck to read the right article to recover. I think one has to only save and restore system, vendor, boot and...
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    Post Android Q Beta - All in details

    Android Q Beta Experience I've been on Android Q beta for almost 3 weeks now. It is used as a daily driver since I have only the one Pixel 2. I flashed the new image myself using TWRP rather than opt into the beta with Google. Other than a problem with now playing not always showing up on the...
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    Post Another brick?

    Pixel 2 - "ERROR: Slot Unbootable: Load Error" If you get the above error you will find that you cannot boot into recovery and the phone stays in the bootloader screen each time you try to start the phone. If your bootloader is unlocked you might be able to recover your phone to flash a stock...
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    Post {Guide} QXDM Port activation on Pixel 2 XL, (VoLTE,WoWIFI,CA)

    Enable VoLTE for Vodafone in India I have used this to enable VoLTE on my Pixel 2 on Vodafone. I can get VoLTE but not VoWiFi. As for risks I think when you are fiddling around it is better to have a complete backup of phone plus EFS.
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    Post [GUIDE]Enable VoLTE for unsupported carriers

    Enable VoLTE for Vodafone in India Vodafone in India has not provisioned the Pixel 2 till yet for VoLTE despite many people getting after them. A lot of noise was generated by users when Google pointed out that they had done what was required in the Android Pie updates. Many thanks for this...
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    Post The Pixel 2 Photography Thread

    I hope you have night sight enabled after Dec security patch. I am attaching 2 pictures - one normal and one with night sight. Image 170620 is normal image Image 170556 is with 'Night Sight'.
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    Post Pixel 2 - terrible Android/software experience

    I have had this phone for over months and have been through 8.0, 8.1 and 9 developers previews 2,3 and 4. I have not faced the camera problem, or the double tap to wake up. Bluetooth is working satisfactorily and it has not dropped even once when connected to my car audio system. The only...
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    Post Android P DP4 is here!

    No, it works for me without toggling.
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    Post Androip P update

    There is no need now for the battery saving option in location. There is considerable improvement in battery and GPS does not take away any significant chunk of battery. I am not sure about Actions Services and Suggestions. However, I guess it must be the app for predictive AI based actions.
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    Post Apply Monthly System Update to Systemless Root ... REALITY CHECK!

    What I do is uninstall Magisk. Then do the normal update from the update page in settings. After this I copy Magisk zip file to a usb drive. I boot into twrp using ADB. It doesn't decrypt but that doesn't matter. Use the USB as storage and install Magisk zip file through TWRP. Reboot and you are...
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    Post Overall love

    Sorry for not replying earlier. In India it is available at Flipkart an online store for Rs 39999 against a list price of Rs 61000 which is a little more than 32%.
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    Post Overall love

    Delivers on what I expected. Good value as I got a 40% discount.