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  1. ashwa18

    Post Android 11 cannot access Android/data folder

    tried ubuntu on turmux to get tem root access still in root data folder shows permission denied
  2. ashwa18

    Post Android 11 cannot access Android/data folder

    i have a realme GT master previously a realme 7 before i was able to access and copy files from data folder in r7 when it was in android 11(using pc / exploer app) now i brought GT master but same it is in android 11 and ui 2.0 like R7 but cant access/modify files inside data folder tried...
  3. ashwa18


    Click on Download button and just unplug and plug your phone fast (without pressing any buttons), flashing should start now. i tried quick as possible but but not starting download ,my device tries to recovery
  4. ashwa18

    Post Not able to boot in fastboot

    i have the same error in fastboot but fastboot working fine, i have only trouble booting to stock recovery. i have tried flashing stock recovery , wipe/clear/hard reset nothing worked. recovery mode is still messed up. please let me know if you found any solution. EDIT: do not re-lock...
  5. ashwa18

    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.5 UNOFFICIAL 26-05-2021 For Realme 7 and Narzo 20 Pro

    Nice rom but please need to fix that brightness issues 0 and 50 are same and it's too much , night light flick , little bit heating if 90hz mode but its acceptable since no pain no gain. When playing Pubg even the gaming mode is on sometimes the notification bar and nav bars comes...
  6. ashwa18

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0][RMX2151] PixelPlus UI 3.9 [AOSP][2021/09/12]

    Thaks for this awesome rom there is issue for me which is a Flicking issue if night light is turned on (+automatic brightness is off ) 1. screen brightness 0 and upto 50% are same 😅 2. If smooth display (force 90 fps) is turned on in system- relame settings then refresh rate gets...
  7. ashwa18

    Post [ROM][11][RMX215X][RMX216X]CrDroidv7.3[UNOFFICIAL]

    Does this rome gives support for 90 fps in pubg
  8. ashwa18

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0][RMX2151] PixelPlus UI 3.9 [AOSP][2021/09/12]

    Does this rom provide support for 90fps option in pubg
  9. ashwa18

    Post Gcam 7 for Realme 7

    Slow Mo not working is this fixed in any latest version
  10. ashwa18

    Post [ROM][OMS}[7.1.2]Official dotOS v1.1 for Coolpad Note 3(CP8676_I02)

    May be but no worries I passed cts profile by faking a redmi note 4 certified fingerprint by using the module magestic hide prop all other fails but redmi works perfectly I doubt there may be something that google can't identify redmi or coolpad :cool: Both CTS AND BASIC INTEGTITY passed...
  11. ashwa18

    Post [ROM][OMS}[7.1.2]Official dotOS v1.1 for Coolpad Note 3(CP8676_I02)

    CTS profile not passing... Can you give me a working official fingerprint for This so I can bypass CTSprofile any coolpad note 3 users? Give me a fingerprint of official ROM :crying: Solved:magestic hide prop and use the redmi note 4 fingerprint in that module list Both CTS and basic...
  12. ashwa18

    Post [thread closed]

    Coolpad !! :( can anyone give me a fingerprint for coolpad note 3 Iam not getting it from anywhere even my official forum has been closed