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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP] mk2000 Kernel [v0.3]

    Hello just a small update. Unfortunately something unexpected has come up, I'll have to move, so that will further delay my getting back into this. Sorry to those who where hoping for an update soon, it will not be until late october at best.
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP] mk2000 Kernel [v0.3]

    No, I'm not working on it right now. I've been doing kernel stuff almost non-stop for 2+ years, and now this summer some other things has occupied me. I'll get back to it eventually. In the mean time, why not post some logs? Try that 'syslog' app or what it's called. Makes it very easy and...
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    Post [BOUNTY!] Kernel for H990DS (Stock Oreo)

    Hey there What exactly does this mean? Aren't you able to change the NT-code as it is? I've actually been wanting to change the region of one of my G5's, but simply changing the code did not do the trick. I used the hidden menu method btw, where you can also change mac address IIRC. I also...
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    Post working FM tuner for AOSP (Lineage)?

    Yes, you could say that. When I wrote "on these LG phones" above, I meant (since this is the G6 forum) these: G5/G6/V20 - since all these are based on msm8996 platform and shares the same Lineage source. I guess it was construed as meaning all LG phones on LOS. It's a bit more complicated...
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    Post working FM tuner for AOSP (Lineage)?

    WOW isn't that brilliant. You go ahead and do that then, on your LG G6. It sure will work nicely, and I sure don't know what the **** I'm talking about :D
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP] mk2000 Kernel [v0.3]

    New builds up Changes: * WireGuard * Disabled something possibly causing issue with sound * Simple Low Memory Killer (by sultanxda, replacement for default android lmk) I have not tested this build myself. NOTE: Still requires ADB disabled, as I've not attempted to address this just yet.
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    Post working FM tuner for AOSP (Lineage)?

    Hey, To get FM radio working on Lineage is not easy. The entire rom + kernel needs to be rebuilt with the proper driver for FM to work. Currently, Lineage (on these LG phones) doesn't use a driver which supports FM radio. So any app or whatever will not have anything to communicate with. It's...
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP] mk2000 Kernel [v0.3]

    I will look into that for next update. About deep sleep issue. I don't have that. It's been sitting idle for days now, with occasional use in-between, and there are no problem with deep sleep. Actually idle battery seems comparable with stock + mk2k. This is after fixing the perfd log-spamming...
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    Post [ROM][H830|H850|RS988] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for G5

    He's talking about the accompanying commit to this commit here: "msm8996-common: Add QCOM's WFD implementation", right? So that would mean Miracast/WiFi-Display and not WiFi-Direct.
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    Thread [KERNEL][AOSP] mk2000 Kernel [v0.3]

    This is a kernel rebuilt from scratch. Based on the latest LG source code, and LA.UM.6.5.r1-04300-8x96.0 (with manual updates). It aims to fix possible strange bugs caused by older LG code in stock LOS kernel, and to make things clear and tidy. It brings in most of the patches from the stock...
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    Post LG G5 H850 stuck in fastboot and cannot unlock bootloader

    Are you actually booting into Download mode (by holding vol+ and *on* button) ?? If so then try to use uppercut, as found in this forums development section. Or the patched LG Up that you can find info about on xda as well. As long as you have a functional LAF/Download mode, there's no reason...
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    Post LG G5 Flashes 0% Charge

    This can happen on a variety of phones if the battery voltage gets low enough. The internal charging controller won't initiate charging because the voltageis below a certain threshold. When it has happened to me I've connected the battery directly to a power source with voltage somewhere around...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

    The problem with V20 is those devices that use the engineering aboot/abl partition, coupled with ARB (Anti Roll-Back). The eng partition is ARB0, while some models have been updated to ARB1. You cannot have mixed pieces of firmware with differing ARB. You'll hard-brick. H918 has incremented ARB...