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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Great. Where are all those people who kept moaning for delayed Security patches now? [emoji1787]
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Guys, i have been noticing that the battery section into settings suggests me to stop the app "Contacts" from causing excessive battery usage but nowhere in the battery stats i see it having a high percentual, infact it doesn't show up at all. Is it a bug? My battery life is still solid after...
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Never before i have seen a community like this and i went through Galaxy S boards and Sony boards which are full of negative people at their peak. If community is the strongest point in OnePlus, i chose the wrong company. Anyways, i have recently bought a 6t after years of going with an old S4...
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    Post Which Screen Protector Will You Be Getting For Your OnePlus 6T ?

    Hello. I've been reading this topic for a while but i still can't decide what to choose. What would you guys suggest as screen protector combined with either the one included by OnePlus or Spigen case? Possibly i would like to buy it on Amazon since i'll be getting the phone from there too.
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    Post [Kernel][TW][LP][I9505][Linux 3.4.113] Imperium LL Kernel v5.8 [E.O.L.] [16/12/17]

    Yeah it worked. I'm on a tw stock rom, i heard this kernel was working on it so i went on and tried. 5.8 did work but wifi wasn't turning on while i also tried 5.6 i noticed the root didn't work on it. I ended up installing 5.7 and now both work. Do you mind if i ask what governor you use on...
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Galaxy S4 | Ask any question | Noob friendly.

    What's the best way to root the GT i9505 on 5.0.1 on latest build (The one they released with patches from January 2016) ?
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    Post Xperia™ Z3 Compact - Post Your Home Screen Here

    re1ser What's the name of that theme?
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    Post JSwarts Browser Snapdragon Optimized Chromium (v46)

    Well i'm using the version of 4th december..could be that =)
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    Post JSwarts Browser Snapdragon Optimized Chromium (v46)

    Trying to update via XDA labs but it always fails due package conflicts. Would it be possible not to uninstall the browser everytime there is an update ? It's kinda annoying :v
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    Post 23.4.A.1.232 is rolling out [UPDATE: vulnerable to new stagefright!]

    Something similiar used to happen with Kitkat for me..
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    Post My phones not waterproof

    Yeah Mr.Tom_Tom After the post i did a research and found out that the pink color is triggered by moisture. Phone is still waterproof though, i haven't checked that indicator since months and during last weeks i washed the phone without problems. I hope to never have to do with warranty as they...
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    Post My phones not waterproof

    Hey there, I have checked the water damage indicator of my Z3 Compact and i noticed it became pink/red (For me tends to pink). Now, i haven't any issue so far , i've never put it underwater, washed it only a few times , without issues of course. I also tried with the pressure test, and it works...
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    Post kingroot 4.0

    I appreciate your reply, thanks. I guess i should've checked better their threads indeed :D
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    Post kingroot 4.0

    Hai, what has changed in Kingroot regarding IMEI being sent to kingroot's servers? Is it safe or no?