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    Post Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie update on manually (One UI)

    Bro, The download link does not exist.
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    Post [30.12.19] N950F_DS_N I Dr.Ketan ROM I SecureFolder I Jio VoLTE I Gear SPay I DEX

    Hello Doc., Will this ROM support VOLTE for Airtel, Vodafone apart from Jio?. If not please enable it in coming updates. Thanks in advance.
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    Post [30.12.19] N950F_DS_N I Dr.Ketan ROM I SecureFolder I Jio VoLTE I Gear SPay I DEX

    Dr. Ketan, Your ROM is awesome and Thanks for this rom. Can u add DUAL VOLTE option in upcoming update?. Thanks in advance.
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    Post One UI Stable - Rolling out - India

    Bro, Does the pie update support Dual VOLTE feature?
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    Post Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)

    Bro, Did u update the mobile using this method and successful?. please enlighten us how to install 9.0
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    Post bkl l09 c675 pie

    Let's hope it reaches in time.
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    Post bkl l09 c675 pie

    Bro, From where did you get this confirmation? is it authentic?
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    Post Updating the new Miui 10 release

    Full wipe is needed.
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    Post Android 9 Pie beta for Nokia X6, Nokia X6.1 plus

    Mate , please provide oreo update to downgrade from pie beta to oreo stable for nokia X 6.1 plus
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    Post [OFFICIAL][TWRP][TREBLE] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.0]

    @ DarthJabba9, Mate, i have installed Orange recovery latest version and when i install the full rom package and then reboot to orange and second time to system. But whenever in settings>About phone>system updates>Reboot to recovery mode, i choose this option it boots in default stock recovery...
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    Post POCO F1 Stock Image and MIUI 10 GLOBAL BETA

    Mate, getting error message as "the archive is either damaged or in unknown format". please re upload. Thank you
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    Post Telegram group for Asus zenfone 5 2018 available?

    Mate. what is the address of Channel for updates? Thank you
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    Post [Guide] How to edit Miui ROMs to flash without bootloader

    AL_IRAQI, Mate, thank for your guide. It is very useful.