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  • Hi, ather. We all miss you at the Hima forum, specially me. I had so much hope that you might cook again after you got a new used one, but nothing happened.
    Meanwhile, I thought of quitting xda-dev with my first and only logout, but I stayed.
    Luby ruined his device and I bought a used one for him. This time, with a little more success - He became the most active cooker atm.
    Greetings from Germany, just call for help, in case you're in vacation anywhere around here!
    Hi Syed.

    Syed I have two XDA's. 1) o2 XDA 2 and 2) o2 XDA 2i both have your Dark Lord WM 6.1 rom upgrade Cooked on the rom.

    My problem is on both units I cant seem to get TomTom 5, 6 or 7 to work.
    On both 5 and 6 after the tomtom splash screen is shown the screen just goes dark. and I mean dark. the programme is running but it is impossible to view.
    Then with both and tomtom 7, I cant get the GPS to work in the program. Unit says it has bonded but when you look at the satellites... ZIP nothing and it says NO GPS Unit.

    Any idea's


    Huntersbane. PS, I am a Infrastructure Project Manager for well over 20 years. But the xda and gps have beat me.....
    hi i have a mt3g i rooted it along time ago and saw my self as an up and commin as far as flashing roms comes... untill !!!!! i flashed HTC Generic 2.73.405.5 with radio - from and now no matter what i do i get the stock recovery image... home +power = recovery image. down volume +power= recovery image. i have tryed everything i can think of did i brick my device? anyhelp would be sooooo great ! thanks ALOT
    GABe aka pup
    Dear Ather. Great roms man, jus wanted to ask. is it possible to make a rom for a qtek 2020 which has the backpack drivers working?
    Dear Ather, Salam

    I am using your beautiful WM6.1 Pro Dark Edition rom, i would like to install FTouchflo to my imate pocket pc edition (2020), I am looking for the most updated FTouchFlo Version For Himalaya, that will work with your WM6.1 Pro Dark Edition ?
    I will be very gratefull for your help.
    Thank ahead, Have a wonderfull Day
    Many Thank Sir for your Hma WM 6.1 Diamond Edition.
    It has made my PDA become alive again.
    Please keep working on new editions.
    Dear Ather
    Since You May Be The No.1 Devoloper For Himas
    And I'm Using Your Dark Edition Rom For 6 Mothes
    I Want The Best For You

    I Think you from bahrian understanded me
    It's all because we care about you...
    ather bhai i m new in here..i hav a question.."can i change the language of WM 6.5 build 20500 CHE to english" by using ur kitchen for hima v 0.4?...i've been reading all the posts here like master noskers TUT about changing the language..i need ur help..
    i hoope u'll reply soon..
    can u tel me the step by step process to upgrade to wm 6.1? i have searched bt its getting painful now....can u just gv me the links to do the flash?

    i am using C_ShekharWM6.1.1cR16.P32 rom.....
    master i tried upgrading my o2 xda II with Vista RUU and the phone shutdown.. now it is stuck on the bootloader mode. i cant get out.. help me please..
    hi again ive bin lookin for a program called HimDOCTool and it supposed to give u more memory on your pocket pc have u got it?
    let me know
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