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Recent content by auerick

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    Post Question Going back to CN Rom from Global

    fastboot flashing lock though this will prompt another factory reset
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    Post Question Going back to CN Rom from Global

    cool didn't know I could do that, thanks for the tip
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    Post Question Going back to CN Rom from Global

    ok I'll try to play around with it, won't flashing the 4.1.2 boot.img cause a brick?
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    Post Question Going back to CN Rom from Global

    I installed both just to see if I cam go back to CN rom once I'm on either Rom Basically just downloaded the Global ROM file from the Nubia website, put it on my phones root folder, then did a local update, using the system update local update setting
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    Post Question Going back to CN Rom from Global

    I actually tried that but then it get's stuck on the Nubia logo, so something must have gone wrong somewhere, and one odd thing is if I try installing the latest V2.63 CN rom via local update it tells me that the package is not compatible with the phone. At least the Redmagic 5G had the local...
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    Thread Question Going back to CN Rom from Global

    hey guys, successfully flashed the global rom over my redmagic 6 pro CN version but decided to go back to the CN rom, but when I try to install it via local update it results in a recovery boot loop and the only option is to do a factory reset, but when I do a factory reset, for some reason it...
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    Thread Possible to restore to Original state

    hi guys, not sure if this was asked before, I tried searching but didn't find anything. Basically want to know if anyone knows how to reset the phone back to complete stock, a bit of background. I came from the the CN tencent version but flashed the global rom, in the process, rooted and...
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    Post Tutorial How to view Network/Bands

    Band 28 Hi, I have the ROG 2 tencent version 8/128 Before I flashed the global rom, the phone was able to connect to band 28 fine, so I found this thread to try to get that band 28 re-enabled. ticking the Band 28 option actually enables it again, but when I reboot the phone the settings don't...