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    Post [DEC23][ROM][KERNEL] SkyDragon | M8 GPE - Marshmallow | v6.1.0 | 5.07.1700.8

    Skydragon 5.5 keeps crashing the phone entirely during the setup process, any ideas on what I should be doing? This was a clean install.
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    Post [DEC23][ROM][KERNEL] SkyDragon | M8 GPE - Marshmallow | v6.1.0 | 5.07.1700.8

    For some reason, Bluetooth audio doesn't work anymore. It connects to the audio source but plays through the phone speakers (and thinks it's playing through the Bluetooth device). Anyone got a fix?
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    Post 3300mah Battery Replacement?

    Ignore the second link for now. The first link still lists it as if it were for the M8 which is weird..
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    Thread 3300mah Battery Replacement?

    I've been noticing these batteries for the M8 wandering around on a couple of websites. Any ideas what's going on here? http://www.wirelessground.com/htc-one-m8-internal-battery.html...
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    Post [CANADA] HTC One M8 Canadian Users

    Yup it does, the Canadian M8 works with all carriers. Wind sells them but I found a cheaper brand new one on Kijiji. It's from Rogers but it's unlocked.
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    Post [CANADA] HTC One M8 Canadian Users

    Hey guys, I'm purchasing an unlocked Rogers M8 and I was wondering if anyone had any sort of idea on what to do with it if I want to use if for Wind. (Nandroids, backups, ROMs, firmwares etc.) I used to own a Nexus 5 till it broke but I have a little bit of experience with flashing and stuff so...
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    Post Rogers HTC One M8 Questions

    Yeah..I'm wondering where I would even find that...
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    Post Rogers HTC One M8 Questions

    Wind doesn't put software on their phones. It's usually bloatware free. I'm wondering if Rogers is doing the same with their One M8s. Aside from that it's mainly APN settings that I need to deal with which is fine.
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    Thread Rogers HTC One M8 Questions

    Hey guys, I had a quick question. I'm going to buy an unlocked Rogers HTC One M8 and use it on Wind. The question is, how do I remove all the Rogers crap off of the phone and make it so that it's like the Wind version (which I believe is bloatware free). What should I be doing?
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    Thread Replacing back to fix GPS issue?

    Hey guys. I've been having a really crappy GPS issue since I bought my Nexus 5. I was wondering if replacing the back would help with the twitchy flaky GPS issue. My phone is from the first batch and none of the GPS fixes with paper or card-stock work.
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    Post Review of Xiaomi Pistons 2 headphones with Android in-line remote w/lots of pics!!!

    Any idea on where I can find the Xiaomi 2.1 Commemorative in Canada?
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    Post [Nexus5]Lollipop UPDATED OP August 7th!!! [Zip Package] Viper4android

    Anyone know why Viper doesn't work on Google Play Music? Seems to work with everything else.
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r29] XenonHD 7.1.2 (01/10/2017)

    Any idea on how to modify the navigation bar size?
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    Post SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Case for Google Nexus 5

    Is there a way to get this case delivered to Canada? Amazon won't let me and I haven't found any website willing yet.