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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [20-11-2020] [10.0] [pyxis] ArrowOS v10.0

    The latest version is running really good! I didn't encounter any problems so far and everything is running smoothly. Fingerprint is good and fast too. Great job dev!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience Plus 10.0 [S+P] [Pyxis][Nov Patch][2020-11-17]

    The latest update killed the fingerprint almost completely for me. Besides that, everything is working really smooth. Good job on fixing the Webview! I really appreciate your work!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience Plus 10.0 [S+P] [Pyxis][Nov Patch][2020-11-17]

    Unfortunately this did not fix it for many apps. Besides that I didn't encounter any problems with this ROM. It working pretty good for me! Thanks dev and keep on going! :) Edit: disabling auto-updates did the trick!
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [10.0] [pyxis] CrDroid 6.6 [MAY SECURITY PATCH]

    The latest version works really well. The reboots are gone (almost 24 hours in), led is working and the FOD is faster. Thank you for your effort!
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    Post AOSIP DERPFEST [10.0] [unofficial] [Twolip]

    adrian1234a are you planning any updates for this ROM? There are some issues, but overall it's a great ROM and I'd love to see it being updated in the future. :)
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    Post AOSIP DERPFEST [10.0] [unofficial] [Twolip]

    This ROM is running pretty good. Battery life is good and it has a nice feature set. Only problem I'm facing is that hotspot is not working. Thanks for the ROM! :)
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r42] POSP v2.3 - Tulip [UNOFFICIAL]

    Really good ROM, well done and thanks OP! :)
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    Post [10.0][OFFICIAL] SuperiorOS [TULIP][06/06/2020]

    First off in my opinion this is the best ROM for the Note 6 Pro, so thank you OP! Everything is running great and smooth, but I encountered one minor problem: When using Spotify and I try to click on the 3-dot-menu to open the pop-up options for the track or the playlist, Spotify just crashes...
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    Post [10.0][OFFICIAL] SuperiorOS [TULIP][06/06/2020]

    Any updates on this? I really appreciate your work!
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    Post [KERNEL] [GCC] [9.x] [BEETLE]

    Well done OP! Can you add the wireguard module to the kernel? That would be really great! Thank you!
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    Post [10.0][OFFICIAL] SuperiorOS [TULIP][06/06/2020]

    Is "" the latest version? If yes, then the bug is not gone. I still have a black screen.
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    Post [10.0][OFFICIAL] SuperiorOS [TULIP][06/06/2020]

    Really nice ROM, well thought through customizations and the performance is pretty good. Also there is a good battery life. Only problem I found so far is, that the notch is not completely recognised. Some items on the right side and some notifications on the left side are cut off. Thanks for...
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r30] AospExtended ROM V6.2 [UNOFFICIAL][14/03/19]

    This ROM is perfection. Everything that is in this ROM works. All features are really useful and working good. Thank you dev!
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    Post [ROM][MIDO][9.0][EAS] Syberia Project [OFFICIAL] [OTA] [WEAKLY]

    Actually there is one. You have to move the recent windows completely to the right, so that you are on the far left one. Then just move one more time to the right and there you go. :)