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    Thread P10 Plus - Unboxing and First Thoughts Video

    Hey guys, Just wanted to add my unboxing video for anyone thinking about the device. As a photographer I love it and hope to post more in depth videos up on YouTube especially from a photography perspective. For now, here's my unboxing video : _cF8m0wXFdE
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    Post P10 Plus Camera Thread

    Testing aperture mode the other night In low light
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    Post best cases?

    How do you like it??
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    Post best cases?

    I usually love ringke cases but found the one for the P9 to be pretty slippery and slick. Like it made the device too slippery to hold for me. How's the grip of yours ?
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    Post best cases?

    Agreed. But it feels nice
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    Thread Telegram chat supergroup for Huawei P10 & P10 Plus users

    hey fellow P10 brethren (I have a p10 plus) I created a telegram supergroup for some live discussion and chatting about our sweet devices. If you don't have telegram, check it out. It's has the best feature set of any messenger app I think. Edit: Due to scammers the telegram link has been...
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    Post DBrand?

    I just reached out to request P10 plus skins!
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    Post best cases?

    I got one on amazon that I really like : Huawei P10 Plus Case,Wellic High-end Carbon Fiber Back Case Cover for Huawei P10 Plus (Black)
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    Thread best cases?

    Who has a case that they recommend ? Please include a link. I love the spigen case for my P9 but don't see it available fot the P10 plus.
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    Post Android Pay issues with VKY-L29C636 123 update in US.

    Slightly off topic, did android pay work for you previously with the P10 Plus? I'm looking at buying it and am a big android pay user.
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    Post Huawei Cheating with some components on the P10

    Wow that's pretty significant
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    Post Did HUAWEI cheat on the storage type on P10/P10+?

    Really good question. I'm dying to know. From what I've read no one knows for sure. Although I'm in the USA so I'm looking at US outlets, not primary sources
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    Thread Huawei Cheating with some components on the P10

    This is all over the news in China apparently. Sounds like huawei substituted worse components into P10s which is really sad and makes me angry as I was just about to order one.
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    Post Did HUAWEI cheat on the storage type on P10/P10+?

    This is serious unethical behavior by them. I was just about to order a P10 but know don't want to get a P10 that they intentionally loaded with worse components.