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    Post APK Dump from Chromecast with Google TV

    Nice, thanks! Just added the Launcher and Google Search to my Mi Box and things are working well. UI navigation is smooth enough and I can appreciate all the content displayed in the launcher vs the old Android TV layout. It's not perfect but it's something new/fun and I think I'll be sticking...
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    Post Help finding screen protector and case

    the Supershieldz tempered glass linked above is what I got for my dads Pixel 3a. Applied fine, no bubbles and coverage seems as good as it's gonna get without getting one of the protectors that tries to curve at the edges. Thinking I might get the same for my 3a now... haven't seen anything...
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    Post Change display temperature?

    agreed on the more yellow. compared to both my og pixel and 2xl.. the greens on the 3a stand out the most to me as being "too yellow" it's not bad enough for me to not like the device though. I'd assume something like KCAL could 'fix' it...
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    Post [INFO] Autoprime's All-in-One G5 Thread (Updated April 11 2017)

    this reply is late and you probably already got your answer but i dont think uppercut would allow it.. but there are some modded "dev" lgup files around xda that may allow you to flash the partitions manually. but either way.. you may not be able to use the verizon files due to the...
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    Post list of LG G6 Stock firmware

    well we know the post you quoted isn't true in all situations... perhaps for many of the "international variants" this is true.. but some USA carriers (possibly others) have used anti-rollback in updates... such as T-Mobile's G6 (LG-H872).
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    Post ?[ROOT][XT1607][XT1609][XT1625][XT1254] auto#initroot tethered jailbreak??

    nope, the public initroot exploit used in this thread has been patched. this is answered in the second post of the thread... see screenshot below not saying the phone is no longer hackable... but no longer possible with this method.
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    Post US998 to LS998 *Sprint LTE + Root*

    we used TOT files for the Sprint G3.. which werent released by LG/Sprint.. but leaked and made public. TOT/KDZ files still exist for Sprint devices but only internally or with authorized 3rd parties.. but they must be leaked for the public to use em.
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    Post UPPERCUT: Add Any LG Device to LGUP for TOT/KDZ Flashing (G4|G5|G6|V10|V20|MORE???)

    mostly true but still depends on the phone and update... G5 oreo KDZs work just fine with uppercut for example (flashing from nougat > oreo, oreo > oreo and oreo > nougat... at least with this first round of oreo KDZs). but yes, if LGUP says you must update the dll then it's that simple.. can't...
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    Post Calling all rs988 users with nougat

    my comment that you quoted was for the officially unlockable RS988 users who manually flashed the Brightpoint 10H software... not Brightpoint RS988 users. those with RS988 variants not officially unlockable are stuck _without_ bootloader unlock or root. there is no public exploit for that...
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    Post [GUIDE] Official LG G6 Bootloader Unlock (Currently supported: EU H870, USA US997)

    if you re-lock your bootloader then yes.. you would just re-do the fastboot unlock command
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    Post [STOCK][ARB00] H872 10H ROM + IMGs + KDZ

    11g should be ARB 01. This current thread for 10h is ARB00. if using LGUP "upgrade option" (used even if flashing older version) or "refurbish option" to flash a KDZ.. LGUP will do a ARB check on your device and the KDZ you want to flash and will only continue if the ARB versions check out. So...
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    Post LG G5 Official Oreo download [H830][KDZ-FLASHABLE]

    /data from fulmics is likely not compatible with what stock expects... when changing rom bases a data wipe is almost always required.. thats standard android rom flashing stuff.. not some weird g5 rule. and it most likely goes both ways... fulmics doesnt like stock data.. and stock doesn't like...
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    Post LG G5 Official Oreo download [H830][KDZ-FLASHABLE]

    there's no need to reflash twrp if you flashed magisk after flashing the COMPLETE zip. the procedure is to flash complete zip.. flash magisk.. reboot.. stock rooted and twrp is kept. twrp is only lost if you do not flash magisk or repack the boot.img some other way after flashing COMPLETE...
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    Post ?[STOCK][OREO][ARB01] H830 30c ZIPs + IMGs + KDZ (2018-08-01 Security Patch)

    this red warning and unlock count in bootloader/fastboot mode seems new.. (at least compared to 20a.. I forgot to check on 20o) LGUP usually doesn't fail that late into the flash (38%) unless connection between phone and computer is interrupted or there's an issue with the phone like bad...
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    Post T-Mobile H830 Oreo Kernel Sources released

    saw it earlier.. finally posted zip and other files @ update is still anti-rollback v01 so downgrading is still possible to get to 20A if someone still needs root after losing twrp or...