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    Post [XPOSED][4.0+] Eggster 2.0 - Replace Easter Eggs with ease *N Preview included*

    Plz add android marshmallow estregg (Full version)
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    Post [YU Yuphoria][ROM][OTA] Mirrors for official Cyanogen roms & OTA updates

    i got 5.1.1 update but facing download problems.....update package download failed after 10-30 percent.... tried 3G and various fast wifis
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    Post Cyanogen OS 12.1 rollout starts tonight.

    i got it but not downloading properly... download faild after 10-30 percent......
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    Post Official Whatsapp Group for YuPhoria

    8763788707 add me
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    Post Lollipop update???

    Frankly speaking we don't know actually whats fu**in wrong with Sony... This is my last Sony phone except the 'Z' series
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    Post Tap to wake up

    Nope u can't ..bcuz that feature require a separate core that waits for ur touch while screen is off ... And T3's snapdragon Soc doesn't support it.. So this can't possible through softwares
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    Post Best camera app with MANUAL focus?

    DSLR Camera and Camera FV-5 I suggest you to download the premium version apks... Just Google and download the apks
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    Post Xperia T3 - FINALLY! Android 6.0 Check this out, our T3 running android M dev preview Check some more videos on this channel T3 running android 5.0 dev preview also
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    Post Root Firmware 18.1.A.1.21

    Adb problem.. Or usb debugging should be selected
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    Post Best camera app?

    Use Google Camera app... Pictures came out much better compare to stock camera of T3...
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    Post Camera overheat problem

    Use Google Camera or any other camera app u'll not face that problem
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    Post charging problem

    What does that button do... I think that used to reset the phone
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    Post Yu Yuphoria = piece of Sh!t

    Flash cm12.1 nightilies android 5.1.1 Am using this build for 2weeks not facing these issues till.. And one more thing nightilies provides daily updates, update through cyanDelta it's good
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    Post Changing T3's screen dpi...

    Haven't faced such issue,,, can u post screen shot