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  • Have down loaded a new updateutility, allso think win 7 syn has a few problems. All is OK now. My Appolgies for troubling you. Please you may delete all my post if posible
    Dear avengerpenguin Please ignor my previous post it seam the problem may be at my end. I have tryed going back to my previous rom and the same thing has happed. don't know what the problem is but am investigating.
    Dear avengerpenguin I have just downloaded your rom listed as the latest for the HTC Advantage, but either someone has switched your download or there is some other problem. The ROM is a 28205.rar which when flashed to the htc turns out to be one cooked by MichyPrina build 21500.5.0.0. Do you have an explanation as to what may have happened please.
    Thank you for your interest and I changed my mobile with a new one.
    Please I want to know the best Rom for my mobile and faster.

    ***Advise me the best SPL 1.2 or 3.5

    MY mobile Information :
    Windows Mobile 5.0
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