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    Post [ROM][29 Jan] Helios v7.27.0 * TW * Xposed * android 7.0 * DRA9

    Lol yeah, I guess that answers my question, Thanks
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    Post [ROM][29 Jan] Helios v7.27.0 * TW * Xposed * android 7.0 * DRA9

    Have done that several times, but there's no data activity related to update, data transmission is inactive
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    Post [ROM][29 Jan] Helios v7.27.0 * TW * Xposed * android 7.0 * DRA9

    Really nice ROM, Stable n Clean! The only issue I encountered is that Play Store is stuck on Downloading status. Can't download/update anything from Play Store I tried wiping cache, clearing app data, flashing Nougat gapps for ARM64 but nothing helped Can you look onto this?
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    Post GIT 101 - Newbie Friendly

    Excellent Guide Vatsal!
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    Post [ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

    Hi, I just flashed this ROM along with the given BL, CP and TWRP but my phone doesnt boot up, It shows "Verification Failed" "unable to restart device, integrity verification has failed. Reset your device." It tried reset but didnt work, where am i going wrong? My device is 935FD
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    Post [ROM][Z1][5.1.1][LB/UB][.236]|X Features|Mx ROM|V8.5.0|☆Best Battery|☆[23/7/2016]☆

    Same Here, Camera and Wifi appears to be broken on C6902, even c6902 path fix zip didn't work EDIT: And please remove Greenify donation package from ROM, it is against xda rules to add warez
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    Post [STOCK][ROM][UB/LB] BAREBONES - 5.1.1 - C6902/3

    Finally the kind of ROM i like, debloated and no BS, Thanks for this ! :)
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    Post Answer a question, then ask one!

    Pani Puri drink ??? Why are you even here ??
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    Post Feel the power

    Good job!
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    Post [MOD][THEME][4.3][xhdpi]Lollipop Skinned JB System Apps.

    Nice Thread, Thanks for the credits :)
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    Post Moto 360 Indian Thread [Pricing, Availability,Discussion,Reviews, Support and More]

    I also purchased a Moto 360 for 15k, but battery life is too damn poor :/ getting only 6 hours max :(
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    Post [5.0][Z1 series][LB/UB][uploaded]RockZ1l_basic lolly_v1 Deodex/most advanced mods

    Hi! Nice ROM out there, But can you please add Madaditya aka Maddy to credits for the AROMA config tool ;)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OMS][7.1.2]Resurrection Remix-N Armani [14/09]

    Dont know what's wrong but when I flash Gapps onto /system everything starts FC :confused:
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    Post [C6902] stock ftf Customized IN_1277-2364_14.5.A.0.242_R3D

    Alternate Download Link- And this thread should be in General Section
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    Post Xperia Z1[Indian Users]

    DOWNLOAD LINK FOR INDIAN FTF- C6902_14.5.A.0.242_Customized IN.ftf (1.31 GB) MD5 Sum: 4f60059e69d7f2d58814fb5cb575a701