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  • hi pal! i'm back. need your help again. i saw htc touch viva out in market with wm 6.1 on it. and it seems an exact duplicate of htc touch. any way we can get it's official rom for htc touch? also if any methods have now changed in flashing and upgrading my rom to 6.1 or it's still the same of using a cooked up one? happy christmas and belated birthday wishes..
    Hi friend,

    I fact there is 2 linked questions:

    a) up to know (I did not know Onyx) I am on PDAViet v64 and i realize the intrinsic physical limitations of my HTC Touch (bought in France may 2005 +/-) memory, cpu etc.; I installed v64 of pDAViet and I receive many "out of memory" warnings. I wonder if I can ameliorate the situation by installing Onyx Ultimate? should I prefer the Lite version , should I wait for 4.1 ??

    b) like many, I dream of HTC Touch HD and I am going for a short trip to Bangkok and Vietnam (les vacances !) and I will see if I can negotatiate a good or better deal there; so in the short term I should have a HD. My question is : still having the original Touch for experiments, is there a way to flash on that any Android version, as HTC is issuing already an Android version ?? id yes where would I get it?...

    Thanks Henri
    [email protected]
    hi there how are you when you gone bring out you own rom see you helpen ohters whit cooking and so
    friendly grtz tom
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