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    Thread [Magisk][Module] SF Pro + Kohinoor Devanagari fonts for MIUI

    What's different? Full Apple's SanFransisco Pro font package with iOS' default Devanagari font Kohinoor for MIUI devices. Also works on Lockscreen clock. Big thanks to and based on the work of @WSTxda . Tested on Redmi Note 9S, however, if this module causes bootloop, simply remove it from...
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    Post Can i downgrade from android 11 to android 10?

    Hi @samcess I just downgraded my Curtana from Android 11 to Android 10 MIUI 12 using OrangeFox recovery. I was also very nervous about downgrading through a custom recovery and MiFlash doesn't worth that much effort (imagine being unsuccessful with a locked bootloader, I'm not scaring you...
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    Post [ROM][10.X][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Radiant | Curtana

    Where d Where'd u download the official build from. Is it this?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.6 for POCO M3 / Redmi 9T / Redmi 9 Power / Redmi Note 9 4G [juice]

    Hi @ahmed.tohamy ! I flashed this ROM from here on my RN 9S. Everything works fine so far but after every reboot, the font sets back to Manrope (default). Also, I would like you to start you own thread in Redmi Note 9S/Pro section. Lots of love!!!
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    Thread Black Shark3 Stock Wallpapers

    Can anyone share system wallpapers from Blackshark3 or Blackshark3 pro?
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    Post [Q] Moto Display Clock Font?

    Hi @Ditamae , I was making moto widgets on kustom. Could you please share the clock font used in moto widget from your /system/fonts/ ? An xda member had previously shared Moto g5 fonts but it seems they've been deleted.
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    Post Flashing Stock MIUI 12 via OrangeFox recovery

    I wanted to flash this MIUI 12.5 port but it's based on android 10 and my phone runs android 11. So I can't downgrade 😩😩😩
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    Post Flashing Stock MIUI 12 via OrangeFox recovery

    Thanks @jwchips for the info. Really helped. QQ: Is it safe to downgrade from android 11 based MIUI to android 10 based MIUI using a custom recovery such as OFox?
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    Post Can't mount /system R/W in either TWRP or OFox

    I feel superdumb but @jwchips , where am I supposed to put those commands- in custom recovery terminals, in Windows command prompt or in a terminal emulator app?
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS v3.12 [MIATOLL][20.02.2021]

    Hi @dungphp , Since you can't wipe system partition on A11 anymore, is it safe to flash an android 10 based ROM on a phone that's already running android 11 ROM or should I say is it safe to "downgrade"?
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    Post [ROM][11.0.0_r31][Miatoll] KangOS v11.6 (FURY) [OFFICIAL][STABLE][2021.03.14.]

    How do you flash this ROM? Do I need to flash latest firmware?
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    Thread Can't mount /system R/W in either TWRP or OFox

    I wanted to delete some files from the system like some useless system apps/themes etc. I was trying to root my phone with magisk. The magisk would install but I couldn't make any kind of changes because I found it was read-only! Now if I want it to mount read-write, it just won't. Any...
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    Post Flashing Stock MIUI 12 via OrangeFox recovery

    Hey, @MPK99 One thing I noticed that system can be mounted read-only in OFox. If I want to mount it read-write, it just won't.
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    Post Flashing Stock MIUI 12 via OrangeFox recovery

    Maybe it's because of the dynamic system partition or super partitions in android 11, idk I'm just super disappointed