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Recent content by azraelpwnz

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    Post [HOW TO] Root the Galaxy Note 3

    Love how easy this is.
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    Thread [Q] Having issues compiling my first CM kernel build.

    Hello all! I have recently started to get my system ready for some android software and kernel programming. I am following the guide from the cyanogenmod website. I am unable to post an exact link due to my low post count, apologies. If you really need to see which guide I am using, message me...
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    Post Hdmi for tab 2

    There is! Just google "Galaxy Tab 2 HDMI adapter" You will find multiple sites that sell the adapter for around 30 bucks or so.
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    Post The Galaxy Tab 2 Help Thread [Ask Any Question!]

    muft arcovis Oops! I must apologize, I did not see this thread before posting a question in its own thread! Could you please help me with the question I posted at the following link? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2447460 Azraelpwnz
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    Thread [Q] USB WIFI capability

    Hello all! Firstly, I would like to thank many people for their inputs on this site. I have been viewing it for quite some time, so I finally created an account. I cant wait to get in the community! Now, as for the reason for this post. I am trying to get my ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036NHA to work...