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    Post [Magisk TWRP Installer] xXx NoLimits [SM-N986B Exynos]

    Where can I find this telegram channel?
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    Post [Alexis Rom 2.4_FUB1][16/02/2021][02/2021 Patches][N960F/FD OneUI3.0 Apps Ported]

    Yes, it is working /s Dude, read the damn title, it shows F/FD.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][NIGHTLIES] LineageOS 17.1

    By editing the build.prop so that you fake to another device (i.e Xiaomi) you can make it work. There are some tuts here on XDA.
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    Post [KERNEL][EOL][10][OneUI/LOS][N960F/FD/N] RZ Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos

    Wait for a better version (maybe send logs but didn't see any?) or move to another kernel
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    Post [Kernel][ONEUI/GSI][10][A505F/FN/G/GN] Quantum Kernel v2.0 (Updated: 25.08.2020)

    Lmao and you say that it is bad? I have 30% in 3 h on my Note 9. Thas more than decent
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    Post [ROM] [10] [RC] [SecureFolder]Galaxy Note9 [N960F/DS/N] SUPERSTABLE ROM UI2.5 V14 (20/02/2021)

    Last thing and I won't spam this thread as well. Maybe I violated the rules, but so he did. At least, delete the posts of both of us.
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    Post [ROM] [10] [RC] [SecureFolder]Galaxy Note9 [N960F/DS/N] SUPERSTABLE ROM UI2.5 V14 (20/02/2021)

    The fact that you deleted my post is a clear sign that XDA supports the attitude of "haha, accusing is so nice". I was a total newbie as well. I asked stupid question as well. People slapped me hard. But I never accused someone without having clear evidence or multiple reports Speaking the truth...
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    Post [ZeusROM/KERNEL][N960F/N][Q][BLKMQ|WBT|GCMA|LTO|SimpleLMK]-Truly Most Powerful Kernel

    Also, because dev for Note 9 on Q seems dead, we move to Telegram group (links in first post). We will update with everything you need in telegram group. We will close the thread so that we can see all the bugs there. Thx XDA for your support and hoping to see again for another device!
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    Post [ZeusROM/KERNEL][N960F/N][Q][BLKMQ|WBT|GCMA|LTO|SimpleLMK]-Truly Most Powerful Kernel

    First of all, dont quote the all thread. Thanks Second of all - If you mean to download it from Google Play, no, from what I know, you can't hide root anymore from Play Store. If not and you have the apk, but you can't play videos =>...
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    Post [GUIDE][ROOT][Magisk v20/v19.3] Samsung Galaxy A50 ( Update 12.11.2019 )

    I can confirm it is working Having Root and ASK9 twrp
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    Post [MODULE] Smali Patcher 7.3

    fOmey Yep, I think you uploaded the wrong zip
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    Post [ZeusROM/KERNEL][N960F/N][Q][BLKMQ|WBT|GCMA|LTO|SimpleLMK]-Truly Most Powerful Kernel

    NEW UPDATE IS OUT! Check it on github A lot of changes and tweaks