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  1. b0ttas

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-14.1 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK

    Is this still undergoing development? Also, from the first few posts by jellybean13 it seems most bugs are fixable, can anyone give some feedback on this?
  2. b0ttas

    Post [PORT] [Q] Regarding ports, Base ROMs and whatnot

    And here I thought porting would be easier, but yeah, now that you mention that.. :silly: Aw well, thanks mate :good:
  3. b0ttas

    Thread [PORT] [Q] Regarding ports, Base ROMs and whatnot

    Hi all, With the risk of this being called a duplicate thread I just want to clarify that I'm in no way asking to port something for me, and I've read the 2 similar threads around, and felt like this should have it's own place. So, straight to the point, I've been looking to get involved with...
  4. b0ttas

    Post [CM13][GOOD][News][GT-i9301I]

    Well, you're right, but it's not stable yet and with a question like that I assumed he wanted the super perfect super stable version, my bad :D
  5. b0ttas

    Post [CM13][GOOD][News][GT-i9301I]

    Anyway, in answer to your question, the ROM isn't released yet ;)
  6. b0ttas

    Post Need Tester for CM13

    Are you still looking for testers?
  7. b0ttas

    Post [ROM][5.1.1][BLISSPOP][OFFICIAL][s3ve3g][2015/07/19]

    Every link gives a 404 Not Found Error. Is this just me?
  8. b0ttas

    Post [Completed] [Q] Planning to start building my own ROM, a cry for help (Samsung G. Grand Prime VE)

    Thanks for your reply The_Merovingian, I haven't even thought of that (I know, I know), anyway, thanks for the tip. Guess I'll have much to keep me occupied :D I'll see what I can find then, cheers :)
  9. b0ttas

    Post Bjjb

    Should I bother asking what is this? Mods?
  10. b0ttas

    Post Root Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F

    Clean Master appears to be broken in that Pre-Rooted firmware (if you try to uninstall it you'll know what I mean). Try to remove it with System App Safe Remover and wipe cache+dalvik.
  11. b0ttas

    Post [HELP] QuickSetting theme

    Using Xposed Framework you can change the colors used in the status bar to make it more appealing (I had mine orange once ^^) , however without a custom ROM I don't believe you're able to put the AOSP status bar.
  12. b0ttas

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Planning to start building my own ROM, a cry for help (Samsung G. Grand Prime VE)

    Firstly, happy new year to everyone c: As the title says, I'm considering making my own ROM for the SM-G731F. I've lurked around XDA for quite a while now and I can't seem to find a guide that's able to clarify the process for me. So I decided to make a post here, The ROM I want to make...
  13. b0ttas

    Post [Q] LG L65 (D280n) Bootloop [Help]

    [Status Update] After messing with it for a while I finnaly got access to the "Factory data reset" menu, (Power+Vol. Down), however, making the said reset seems to have not fixed the issue. Also, bump ^^
  14. b0ttas

    Thread [Q] LG L65 (D280n) Bootloop [Help]

    Hello people, So, I got hand of my sister's ruined L65, which worked great until the LCD + Digitizer broke. Today, I repaired it and found it to be stuck on a bootloop. It was running stock Andy, no recovery, nothing, I can't access the recovery menu and have no idea of what to do. After...