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    Post root without custom recovery

    After issuing this cmd, it never boots into TWRP recovery. Can you pls help me.
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    Thread cannot run TWRP recovery temporarily

    Hi, I have unlocked bootloader for Redmi 4X. I want to run TWRP onetime to install magisk. When i give "fastboot boot recovery.img", it doesn't boot TWRP. I tried Volume Up+Power button to enter recovery mode. But, no luck. Please help me.
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    Thread No voice, only music from headphone jack

    Hi All, I was in stock ROM. I suddenly started facing weird issue. When i listen to the songs through headphones, i can only listen to the music, i'm unable to hear the voice. I moved to custom ROM CM13 and still hitting same problem. I'm unable to figure out if it's hardware issue or the...
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    Post Help.....!!! My ZR Is Dead

    Check this link , it worked for me
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    Post Unbrick Xperia Z - Not charging or Booting

    Thanks a Ton ! I was able to recover my Xperia ZR successfully with this method :) Thanked !
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    Post ASK ANYTHING >>{{Noob friendly}}

    UPDATE: I tried CyanogenMod Recovery instead of TWRP Recovery and was able to flash CyanogenMod 13 successfully :)
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    Post ASK ANYTHING >>{{Noob friendly}}

    Hi all. I'm new to this Custom ROMs, Unlocking bootloader etc. 1. I have Unlocked the bootloader of my Sony Xperia ZR. 2. I flashed TWRP Recovery tool. 3. Copied cm13 to internal storage. 4. Entered TWRP by rebooting the phone. 5. Selected cm13 ROM to flash. 6. I got error 7 while flashing. I...
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    Post Help - Bootloader Unlocking

    Thanks. I was able to successfully unlock my Xperia ZR with this link. Thanked you :)
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    Post Need Help in Unlocking bootloader via official method, fastboot driver problem

    Hi. Check this link which points to Unlock Bootloader using Flashtool.
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    Post The "Welcome to XDA" Thread

    #12412 I'm Bhaskar Rudra. I work for Aricent as Sr. Software Engineer. I have Sony Xperia ZR which is my first smartphone. As, it is pretty old now, i want to try few things like Rooting, Custom ROMs, etc. I found this website in Google while searching for Rooting process. Very excited :)