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    Post I really need help ASAP

    Are you getting download mode?
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    Post Oops! Erased laf_b - QFil no longer sees GPT table.

    Now your imei permanently gone there is only one option for single sim calling without volte stock VM only will work
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    Post Is there any way to unbrick my phone?

    What is the problem with this method? Where you stuck? Any errors?
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    Post Is there any way to unbrick my phone? ---------- Post added at 04:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:58 PM ---------- Still download mode working?
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    Post The computer does not recognize when entering edl mode

    Keep trying change port reinstall drivers
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    Post LG G710N Won't Turn On(black screen), unless battery is completely died

    Press vol-and power Button together unitll it's starts it may take take some time keep pressing both
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    Post Phone died over night, won't turn on. Any help?

    Long press vol- abd power button together
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    Post Cannot Boot Into Fastboot, Bootloader Is Unlocked...

    Flash Ulm11g again and ab_a then flash ulm20e or 20
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    Post g7 partition table problem It can help you I dint think you will get imei back
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    Post Need help to get back serial number in G710EAW

    SN never create problems
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    Post HEEEEEEEELLLPP!!! i think i bricked my G7! QUICK!!

    same issues i faced but lost imei strange :eek: