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    Post [ROM][11.0][guacamole] RevengeOS 4.0 [1/11/2020]

    Hey guys :) Anyone has a few Screenshots of the new UI? I'm currently on official open beta and want so see if it's worth it to change to a custom Rom.
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    Post [APP] 1Gallery: Photo Gallery App, Supports Hidden & AES Encryption Photo/Video [CODE

    Is this App already abandoned? No update for a few months now and developer is not responding anymore. Even my Mails hasn't been answered.
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    Thread Can't insert Youtube Vanced app into /root/system/app/youtube folder

    Hello everyone, since the last update to OB16 I can't insert the vanced.apk into the /root/system/app/youtube folder anymore. I tried two different explorers (MiXplorer and Solid Explorer). Both have root rights. I can create the Youtube folder without problems in /system/app but as soon as I...
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    Post [SCRIPT] YouTube Uninstaller (Helpful for YouTube Vanced)

    Not working on OnePlus 7 Pro (OB16). Bootloop and you have to factory reset afterwards.
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    Post Open Beta 10 Available

    Can someone tell me how to update without loosing root? Last time I did it (with magisk retention script) I ended up in bootloop and had to reset my whole device.
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    Post Is the OPX still worth it in 2020?

    Yeah, it's a great phone but performance wise it could be better. Have you tried AEX, too? It's still under development and POSP is abandoned. I'm not sure if any of those roms is better, because I really like POSP but I'm using AEX because of the newer updates. Maybe I should give POSP a...
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    Thread Looking for the OB9 stock boot.img

    Hey guys, I did something wrong with my device. Can someone upload the stock boot.img from OB9? Would be great, thanks!
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    Post [ROM]AOSP Extended ROM v6.7 [9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL]

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know whether the Always-On-Display has a burn-in protection?
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    Thread Is the OPX still worth it in 2020?

    Hey OPX owners! I have a weird question for you guys. Currently I'm owning a OnePlus 7 Pro. But as a second phone I would like to buy a OPX (I don't know why I would need another one but I really love the aesthetics of the OPX). Do you guys still recommend this phone in 2020? What are some...
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    Post [ROM] Miui 11 [PIE BASED] for oneplus 7 pro

    I'm stuck in Bootloop. Did everything step by step in the instructions. Now It's starting, going to TWRP, a message appears "Unable to mount /data", and then restarts again. This happens all the time.
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    Post Coming from a pixel 2xl, which OP should I buy?

    Hey just want to clear a few things: -It's OP (OnePlus) and not OPPO. OPPO is an other brand. -Yes, you can record videos with Ultra Wide Camera. -It's right, there is no IP Certification. But it's water resistant, so you can use it in rain and things like that. I don't think people go...
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    Post One Plus 7 vs One Plus 7 Pro

    None of both phones (7 or 7 Pro) have the Snapdragon 855+. And none have Warp Charge 30T. I'm not sure which phones you are comparing on GSMArena. Both are using the Snapdragon 855. Both have UFS 3.0 Storage. Maybe take a look here...
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    Post Any advantage on getting the 12 GB version over the 8GB ??

    Tbh just get the 8GB Version. You don't need 12GB and won't need it in the next few years. Just think of it, most phones don't even have 8GB. It's more or less a "gimmick". Phone is not faster and even with 8GB all apps stay in RAM without the need to reload them. So no, there's no advantage...
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    Post 90 vs 60 and Resolution

    90Hz is not only good for gaming. There's was a time when Google Chrome stopped supporting 90Hz (I think it was a month ago). At the very first second I was using Chrome with 60Hz without knowing I just thought "wtf why is it so laggy". So yeah, the difference between 60Hz and 90Hz is very big...