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  • Note to all: I am no longer in possession of my beloved Polaris, I have had the phone for going on three years and it was one of the best phones I've had, truly versatile and I think we pushed the device to its limits.

    I'll still be around xda developers - I love all the progress that is still being made on our devices and I have made some genuinely wonderful people here, so expect me about the forums whether I have a Polaris or not :)

    Best of Luck,

    My wife gave birth a healthy baby boy 6lbs 12oz. Both mother and baby are in good health :)
    Update on the baby: Wifes being taken into hospital on the 28th to be induced, so hopefully if all goes well, we will have a new addition to the family before new years. Wish us luck, this is a tense time for both of us and I'm trying to stay focussed on what's important. Very pleased with the progress I'm seeing with the project though, and I hope the new year will bring us much more. All the best for the new year - 'Bally :)
    To all: I'm not so active on the boards as I am looking after my wife who is now expecting again and is due in January. Of course this time we are a lot more anxious and I'm not taking any chances. I still keep up to date with the threads with email updates but I will not be posting much for the time being. Hope you all understand.
    For all the kind donators to the devices for vilord and dzo, a special thank you build has been sent to your pm's. Enjoy and Thank you :)
    I will look into it over a day of two.. Because i'm now at holliday.

    Thanks Bally,

    Kind Regards.
    Hi I'd like to install apps to try GPS and other stuff and to install that or I get internet working on my mobile or I get connection working to install adb and apps throw adb.. That's it.
    Thanks for the message and good work with the P3D Project. A Polaris would be cool but a diamond 2 even better :p
    Oh my God...
    Bally, I have just seen the message you published a few lines below. I never knew your loss. I hope you and your wife are better. From here I want to offer all the support and understanding.

    Yours, José Manuel.
    Bally, if you are interested in the MSM720X Team Development, you can easily upload/download/sync files with us (NeoS2007 might have told you about it). If you PM me with a Windows Live address I'll add you to the shared folder for you to collaborate.

    You can see more information taking a look at NeoS' profile:

    Best regards, SuperJMN
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