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  • Hi Baly, first of all i wanna say that i am big fan of all of your works and i will also support u in anything. I just wanna say that the Swype application i got and thanks for it, but when i turned my phone back on. My password is no longer works and i ran a business and with out my phone i can't make things happens. so can u let me know ASAP with a password that i need. also i am using htc hd2 so please let me know. [email protected] is my email.

    thank you so much
    Hi Baly, I've installed the swype cab in your first post to my HTC Touch Pro2 running WM 6.1 and after the required soft reset, my password no longer works.
    Was there a password set on the device you were working on when you prepared the cab file?

    Your help is much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    hi! your links to download swype are outdated (not valid)
    and they cant be downloaded..can you upload them?

    thank you
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