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  1. bam654

    Post General Samsung S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra U1 Firmware (Links)

    Does anyone have the stocker Verizon firmware? If I want to flash the stock Verizon firmware do I flash it in the same way I flashed the unlocked firmware?
  2. bam654

    Thread Question Verizon s21 ultra on visible?

    I bought a Verizon s21 ultra because it was cheaper. It wouldn't activate on visible so I got it unlocked and flashed the unlocked firmware as well. Not I can get it to connect to visible but the LTE works but not great. Something seems a bit off. Can only get it on visible with manually entered...
  3. bam654

    Post android messages slow as a snail. help

    Yes I have it helped a little but it's still not great Thanks
  4. bam654

    Thread android messages slow as a snail. help

    So I am on the Google beta but for the past couple months my messages app has been so slow. Slow to open conversations and takes 30 to 40 seconds after I hit send to even start sending a text. Sometimes if I hit send and get out of the app the text won't even process and try to send. The rest of...
  5. bam654

    Thread Android beta issues

    I'm on the Android beta program and after the most recent update sounds in my video camera doesn't work. Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. bam654

    Post cm13 note 5

  7. bam654

    Post cm13 note 5

    I know the thread is off the xda what site is it on?
  8. bam654

    Post cm13 note 5

    Haha i had the rom just data isnt working on sprint was hoping someone else would be working on it and get it fully working on sprint
  9. bam654

    Thread cm13 note 5

    I was following a thread where they had cm13 working as a daily on the note 5. I have sprint and everything worked but it did mot see my sim. They have since took it off the xda do to some drama between dev's. Was curious if anyone else is making progress on cm13?
  10. bam654

    Post [WIP] CyanogenMod Note 5 Rom + Kernel

    If i had a second phone I would send mine haha
  11. bam654

    Post [WIP] CyanogenMod Note 5 Rom + Kernel

    If someone gets this working on sprint with data i would be the happiest person ever :D
  12. bam654

    Post [WIP] CyanogenMod Note 5 Rom + Kernel

    Does anyone know if data is working on sprint? Could i get a test build?
  13. bam654

    Post [ROM] Cyanogenmod 13 beta

  14. bam654

    Post [WIP] CyanogenMod Note 5 Rom + Kernel

    If someone gets the sim working on n920p I will be donate! Probably will donate either way you guys are doing great work!!
  15. bam654

    Post [DISCONTINUED][PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM on all Galaxy S4 variants!

    I have this same issues i get stuck in a boot loop where it boots recovery over and over again till you reflash the rom. Also cant get mbtools