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  • You are not doing anything wrong. Start with Hard SPL 1.93 from my sig and continue even though it says version 1.0. It's confusing but it's right. Then start playing around with the different radio's and Roms. You can use my sig for ideas.
    hi band,

    noob here. maybe yo can help me since u have the 1.93 olinex installed.

    i have a diamond with 1.93.479.3 WWE version (bought in eastern europe, added hebrew support), Radio

    been on the forum for 3 days (head spinning badly by now), downloaded a bunch of versions for hard-spl:

    The RUU from this thread (says version 1.30 when updating)

    and the 1.93 Olinex nbh file you specify in your signature: (says version 1.0?? after replacing the nbh in the RUU directory)

    What am i doing wrong? Perhaps not downloading the right file? There are many howto's on the forum, however they are very confusing as to what hard-spl to install.

    Which file shoudl i donwload for my Diamond and how should i install it? Also which Radio version should i use?

    Can you please help me??

    Thank you so much.
    Hi, I really would like to SU my diamond, I've been having GPS and Battery issues with radios, and I've tried every Diamond radio except for the ones that require SU.
    Could you please send me the link of the file to SU to [email protected]
    Many thanks, Fernando
    Unless is say, "For CDMA Devices" don't flash this. Bricking your phone will happen. Go Here to upgrade your device...

    I was hoping you could help me please.
    I have HTC Touch Diamond and use the Alltel network (CDMA).
    I found the HTC stock ROM
    _HTC Touch Diamond_MRII_RUU_Diamond_HTC_Europe_2.03.401.3_Radio_Signed_Diamond_52.51.25.26_1.09.25.23_Ship
    I thought this would be the English version.
    I ran the installer and it was in English so I felt some relief there.
    But then it gave me an error "ERROR [294]: INVALID VENDOR ID."
    I found your post on running the ROM update from the “Internal Storage.”
    I found the file RUU_signed.nbh, renamed it diamimg.nbh and copied it to my phones “Internal Storage.” I was about to run it when I read that most everything on XDA is for GSM phones. Do you know if this update is for CDMA phone or just a GSA phone? I am hesitant to run it as I hate to “brick” my phone, but I would really like the upgrade and to get rid of all the Alltel programs that are on my phone and improve performance. Well, thank you for reading this and thank you for helping me.
    There is a app that can give the diamond the ability to get caller ID to folks who are not on your list but it doesn't work on all ROMS. The side effects are not worth the risks.
    My service provider is Rogers. I do not have callerid. I was wondering if it is possible to get the incoming callerid if the call is from someone in my contact list. I tried changing the callerid value in the registry from 8 to 7 but that did not help.
    I still have one question, when i boot my mobile, and it goes to the grey screen. But their it stays saying: "loading". Any idea?
    Hi, you posted a reaction on my topic.
    You said something about a BIG.nbh file, where can i find this file in my rom installation file?

    Hello Band27,

    I am messaging you coz I see you are my fellow Rogers HTC Diamond touch owner. I am in a fix right now . I ordered HTC Diamond from Rogers and got a french phone instead. I really cant do anything with that. Now I called rogers and they say they dont have touch english in stock anymore and dont expect it soon too. I have two choices only, flash with WWE ROM or return it back. I really dont wanna return it back but I am kinda new to all SPL thing. I want to flash it. I have experience in flashing my HTC Excalibur 3-4 times.

    I just have two questions to ask and if you can answer them I will get to keep the phone or else I would have to send it back.

    1. My current SPL version is 1.93 . So before flashing to a new rom which SPL should I flash it to. There are tons floating around. Can u pin point to me please.
    2. Which ROM would be best ? Dutty's or Swift

    I will really appreciate your help .

    Thank you
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