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    Post Colour blending (blacks) problem

    I can observe it on my device. When the super bright mode kicks in I can see weird flickering and halos for example while scrolling images containing contrasting elements. A Samsung service point here in Poland claimed it's normal and that I believe is plain bullshit. I saw no such effects on my...
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    Post The screen is way too bright and there's no way to adjust it when outdoors

    On my S9+ in bright sunlight it happens that not only something happens to the contrast and colors (eg. reds become somewhat pinkish) but also black elements on screen start flickering/smudging while scrolling. It looks like the device turns into some sort of brightness boost mode. Does anyone...
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    Post Missed call notification bug on Dual SIM S9+

    Can you please share a link to the other forum where the issue is being discussed? Thanks for the tip. I will test switching the caller id and spam protection off.
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    Thread Missed call notification bug on Dual SIM S9+

    On my dual SIM s9+ I seem to be experiencing a weird bug with missed call notifications. Quite often no notification are shown for not answered calls. I only realize that there was a missed call when I open the phone app. I was not able to identify any clear pattern that leads to a bug but...
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    Post Poor battery life - can it be because of a restore from a backup?

    I live in an area with pretty ok signal. It is 2-3/4 bars inside buildings and outside it's usually full bars. Also in office which is located in a city center reception is great and still idle drain is significant. Though my S8's idle battery drain is clearly related to mobile network. I do...
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    Post Poor battery life - can it be because of a restore from a backup?

    I did clear the cache after flashing. That did not have any effect on improving battery life. Just in case I went for a factory reset but that that again did not improve on battery performance. I am still struggling to get 1.5h SOT over a work day. Also my device loses around 15 % staying idle...
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    Thread Poor battery life - can it be because of a restore from a backup?

    Hey fellow Xda-ers, I am experiencing a pretty poor battery life with my brand new Galaxy S8. I am not able to reach 1.5h SOT over a working day (7-19) with very few calls. I started to wonder if that maybe is because of the device being recovered from a backup. Is that possible? The backup had...
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    Post Is it a good time too buy the P10 now

    Thanks for the answer. Is it a 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz network? My current device - OnePlus 3 performs very good on 5Ghz but on 2.4Ghz it only reaches maybe 20mbit. And I use a 150Mbit broadband link at home. My wife's iPhone 6s easily tops 100mbit on the same WiFi. The issues that some YouTube...
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    Post Is it a good time too buy the P10 now

    Is there a problem with WiFi speed on the P10? I saw some reviewers complaining about WiFi performance being way inferior compared to other 2017 and 2016 devices. Like P10 barely reaching 30mbit download speeds on 100 and more Mbit networks.
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    Post Will 1080p60 video ever be enabled on the Pure?

    Moto X Style's official specs seem to still claim it can do 1080p at 60fps. Moto X Style specs
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    Post [POSSIBLE FIXES] Battery drain 5.1.1

    Similar behavior with my SW3. It works just fine for 24h and within 30 minutes it is down from ~50% to zero and switches off. The difference is that I get this behavior pretty consistenly. I haven't had a single normal discharge since the 5.1.1 update.
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    Post Wowzers - battery life!

    The only thing I can say about N7's (and Android in general) battery life is that it is very inconsistent :( My N7 one day uses maybe 5% per 24h while being idle.Another day it drains 20-30% per day. Both in idle mode and I haven't installed any new software in beetween. Some game state that I...
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    Post KRT16S (KitKat 4.4) discussion/resources thread

    Is it only me or is there a battery drain issue caused by the 'Android OS' in the latest Kitkat update? I've had the device pretty much iddle over the last two days partly being connected to WiFi and partly being completely offline (with WiFi on). The device used 50% of its battery in 24hrs of...
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    Post Take that multi-touch! Fix and lock in what works for YOU regardless of updates

    I can confirm your observation. In Google Earth rotation gesture works almost perfectly. In Google Maps I hardly can rotate the map. Pinch to zoom gesture works pretty well. Since Kitkat I've been on stock OS without the sfhub's fix.