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    Post Rooting possible? yes/maybe/no

    To be able to boot a patched boot image, there are 2 options available: 1. You signed your boot image with Huawei key (which is nearly impossible) 2. Unlock the bootloader so it can accept unsigned boot image. Neither methods could work because in order to unlock the bootloader, you need some...
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    Post [ROM][PORT] MIUIv3 2.4.20 (Bieltv.3's CM7 RC4 based) (10/3/2014)

    Hi, I'm still amazed at the amount of people still using this device. Here is the updated link: [Google Drive]
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    Post Android 8 Oreo Discussion[gemini]

    Hello, I'm currently taking the Mi5S Plus Oreo Update, I've successfully built it, but still there are some problems with it, if any devs wanna join the fun, shoot me a PM.
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Hello, UOS 0.2.0 is now available For changelog, please go to: Link is updated in the first post BTW, we don't use crDroid base anymore, feel free to check it out on our github ;)
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Hello, this is a feature on the new Android Nougat. All you need to do is removing the passcode before going to this ROM. And when setting the password on UOS, choose to not ask for password when booting. Hope it help!
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Thank you! The music app is currently under developed, I think I will rebased it to CyanogenMod so it will take more time to release a beta version, and as promise, it will better everyday. No, it doesn't enforce encryption and yes, you will need OpenGApps.
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Sorry to hear that but could you describe the situation? I'm clearly don't understand it, what encryption ? If you can point out the encryption software part, I will delete the whole project, but if you are another hater, please delete this comment, it makes nonsense.
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Hi, Sorry for this, I will rebase to another branch if it bothers you. I'm really sorry for the credits part that I have many things to do that I almost forgot it. Thank you for informing me!
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Hi, we are currently trying to make it better, that's why we release our alpha version. Since it's open source, I hope someone with the same interest could join us and make it come true. BTW, those screenshots was taken in the same version that I've posted here lol, I don't know what makes you...
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    Post [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Hi, GApps is not included and yes, we have supersu under Developer options :good::good:
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    Thread [7.1.1_r22][0.2.0]UOS By UTeam - Beta for Nexus 6

    Visit our website|Visit our github Android version: 7.1.1_r22 UOS version: 0.2.0 Android security update: February 5, 2017 CREDITS GO TO AOSP, CYANOGENMOD, DIRTY UNICORN, AOKP, AND CRDROID ANDROID and others (if it bothers you that your name does NOT listed here, please kindly send me a PM...
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    Post Which 7.1 ROM and why?

    As far as I know, Nitrogen Project is 7.1 now. If you don't mind, check it out here:
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    Post [EXPERIMENTAL][7.0_r1]AOSP 7.0 (Nougat) for LG G3 (D850)

    I don't know why many people said this is fake/ patch update. You can't do it doesn't mean other people can't do this. BTW, I'm on a vacation now, still I will try to fix it. Thank you. Edit: This is the only workspace for me right now.
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    Post [EXPERIMENTAL][7.0_r1]AOSP 7.0 (Nougat) for LG G3 (D850)

    The manifest just included the vendor from themuppets, qcom/sepolicy & common from CyanogenMod, I don't know which thing you guys expected ?