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Recent content by bardell3600

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    Thread Problems & Solutions: Installing Lineage on a SM-T713, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8”

    Problems & Solutions: Installing Lineage on a SM-T713, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8” There are many sites offing Step-by-Step guides. I used https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/gts28vewifi/install and/or https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-7-2013/development/rom-lineageos-16-0-t3903286 (SEE...
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    Post Fire 7 (2019, mustang) unbrick, downgrade, unlock & root

    Play Store Rather that the link above for Google Apps, which will lead you to wrong file versions, it is better you get the download links from this YouTube Post. The links he provides get you to the correct Account Manager and Framework: Google Play Store on Kindle Fire 7" 9th Generation
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    Post [HELP] Soft brick

    Haven't read all this so may not be helpful. Just saw "Soft Brick" To restore to factory. Boot into Bootloader - Then Restore If selecting Recovery Mode from within Bootloader (volume keys to move between, power button to select) returns No Command You have to press and hold the power button...
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    Thread Moto G7 Power Root with Magisk NOT TWRP

    My intent is to prevent crying and gnashing-of-teeth Thanks to my retailer's very forgiving return policy I am up and happily running fully ROOTed (But after bricking two phones) 1. Get a copy of the Factory ROM (others have posted online - so hard work done.)...
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    Post Fire HD 8 (2018 ONLY) unbrick, downgrade, unlock & root

    Some Clarification and added Play Store, Launcher & Lockscreen Ads All I have done is add some clarification and added instructions to make the tablet useful There is also a nearly identical Post as a separate thread to make the information easier to find (Google) for those that will not read...
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    Thread Root New Fire HD 8 (2018 ONLY)

    NOT For Everyone it is a HARDWARE type Hack (although a simple hardware hack - no disassembly other than the back cover and no soldering, etc.) REQUIRES 1. Opening the Tablet 2. Shorting one of the CPU test points 3. Linux CREDIT xyz`, Member on 27th January 2019, 10:04 AM See Fire HD 8 (2018...
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    Post Replace KingoRoot with SuperSU manually without Terminal (2019)

    Good Download link https://download.chainfire.eu/1016/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.79-20161211114519.zip
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    Doesn't do much if anything. You need ROOT already before you can "backup" the ROM. So those trying to get the ROM so you can root are going to be disappointed. Then something funny happens when you use the uninstall available through the start menu. A program restore.exe gets quarantined by...
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    Post Dead Nook Touch Fix - showing green light on charge

    This may not work for everyone but it worked for me. And it is a simple fix that does not involve taking the NST apart. Run the Battery Calibration v 1.2 app per the instructions on its opening screen (start app, charge to 100%, touch button in app.) App can be run while nook plugged in. I...
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    Post Nook Simple Touch freezes completely

    Simple Fix for Freezing Nook Simple Touch I am going to post this here and on the xda thread referenced above. This may not work for everyone but it worked for me. And it is a simple fix that does not involve taking the NST apart. Run the Battery Calibration v 1.2 app per the instructions on...
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    Thread inkBOOK Obsidian e-Reader*Android 4.2.2

    The purpose of this post is to provide rooting and useful app information for newer e-Ink eReaders. If you're not interested in the background, just skip the next two paragraphs. I am a very firm believer that Adobe's e-ink is really the only way to go if you are going to do any eBook reading...
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    Thread Dropbox Problems

    On Sept 28th Dropbox discontinued an older server logon process that had been in use since at least 2013. In doing so they messed up a bunch of 3rd party apps. Over the last few days I have spent way too many hours trying to figure out what happened and trying work arounds. Obviously Dropbox...
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    Thread 2016 Fire HD 8 (6th Gen) ADB, Fastboot & Recovery

    Spent all day trying different root techniques. Unable to root but along the way got into fastboot and recovery. ADB Drivers: https://developer.amazon.com/public/resources/development-tools/ide-tools/tech-docs/05-setting-up-your-kindle-fire-tablet-for-testing FASTBOOT use the adb command...
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    Post Kindle 8 (6th Generation) ADB

    You can get rid of the ads if you deregiter the device. Do the dererister and then contact Support But here is my chat today with Support: Me: I received a Fire HD 8 for Christmas. I have currently deregistered it so I could avoid the lock screen ads which I find very distracting. I'm OK with...
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    Post Removing Lock Screen Ads without Root

    I want to report that a slightly changes set od SHELL commands got rid of the Lock Screen Ads for me Fire hd 8 (6th Gen, 2016) C:\Users\XXX\Desktop\Fire>adb shell [email protected]:/ $ pm clear com.amazon.kindle.kso Success 1|[email protected]:/ $ pm hide com.amazon.kindle.kso.apk Package...