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  • Hello Barguast,

    I am thinking about how to get the music from Groovefish to my amplifier in the living room.
    I am running Groovefish on my HTC Touch, connected to my WLAN.

    The interesting part is that I use a linux based router(asus wl-500gp), which is able to handle an USB sound card.
    My hopings right now are that my router is possible to connect to the same audio stream URL that my Groovefish listens to. Would that be possible, or are the audio stream restricted to the specific internet session used by Groovefish?

    If possible, how do I obtain the URL to the java audio stream? I have understood that the URL sometimes change when I change song.

    Do you have any possibilities to add a external access to the URL(via DLL, COM or even a text file)? Then I could write a small app that reads the URL and send the command to my router to play this specific audio stream, with the USB sound card as output.

    Thanks for your help and for a great app!!

    Best regards,
    I hope to get a WVGA version working soon after I've fixed the few bugs with the current version and added playlists, etc. I've just got to sort my priorities. Glad you like! :)
    I love groove shark and thank you for the app, I just wanted to ask if I am doing something wrong, as when I installed it on my samsung omnia the display is too big for the screen and I cannot do anythiing. did I install a wrong version? I know my omnia is qvga, so perhaps it does not format right to the screen? either way thanks for the app.. it looks great. I hope in time to get it running for my phone.
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