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    Thread Qtek 9000 Changing language from Spanish to English

    I have a Qtek 9000 purchased in Spain with Spanish ROM. I would like to change this to English. I downloaded a ROM update via Expansys site but it will not load as it reports I am using the incorrect language version. HTC tell me it is not possible. Any ideas please?
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    Thread Qtek 9000 Spanish to English please

    I have a Qtek 9000 which is in SPanish and I need to change to English. Where do I get a ROM update. The Q-tek site just says thjat it doesnt recognise my IMEI as a Brighton product - whatever that is! Many thanks
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    Thread Wifi and Activesync problems

    I have a K-Jam which linked perfectly to my home wifi system the first time I used it. I then synced to my PC using Activesync 4.1 (later 4.2) and the wifi link ceased. Exactly the same ting has happened with my XDA Executive and indeed a DEll Axim. There appears to be a conflict between Wifi...
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    Thread Problems with Wifi

    I am having trouble with Wifi when using my Qtek 9000 and other Windows Mobile devices. It links to my home Wifi perfectly until I synconise with Activesyn and then Wifi will not work at all. Exactly the same thing has happened with other Windows mobile units such as the K-Jam and Dell Axim...
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    Post Unlocking XDA 11 - ANy news yet?

    Sadly Dixons won't play ball and neither will o2! :-(
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    Post Which Bluetooth headset works without problems with XDAII?

    Jabra Bluetooth Jabra Bluetooth works superbly!! I am delighted with it!
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    Post Unlocking XDA 11 - ANy news yet?

    XDA2 Unlocking Thanks for this!. I also have tried 02 several times but have not been as lucky as others on the Forum - yes, they really are a confused bunch. As I am moving to Spain next week I need to unlock soon to hook up to Vodafone in Spain. WIll try Dixons - fingers crossed...!
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    Thread Unlocking XDA 11 - ANy news yet?

    Any news yet about locking XDA 11? Many thanks
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    Post GPRS Roaming in Spain

    Exactly the same with me when trying to use with Orange . No I have not received horrific bills from O2 either and I used it for days in Spain over the last threee months on GPRS - sounds a bit like a scare story to me!!
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    Thread GPRS Roaming in Spain

    Hi! I use an XDA with Orange SIM in the UK which used to roam on GPRS well, using Movistar, when I am in Spain. Since the new UK upgrade was added a couple of weeks ago in will no longer log on to GPRS in Spain but works fine in the UK. Anyone else had this problem, any ideas? Thanks.
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    Post New XDA?

    Rubbish! Who said anything about making it "pretty"! The XDA is a highly successful piece of kit and continue to evolve.
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    Thread XDA Additional battery

    Does anyone else have problems with screwing the additional battery to the back of the XDA? I find that finger tight is not tight enough and the grooves in the screws are not deep enough for a screwdriver. If a screwdriver is used it scratches them! Can those screw thibgs be replace with...
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    Thread New XDA?

    I gather that there is another version of the XDA coming in the autumn with an improved screen and built-in antenna that is rumoured to be tri-band. Anyone else heard this or got more information?
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    Post xda in Spain

    Can you please post the settings if you get them? I need this as well! Cheers
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    Post UK Rom update

    XDA Upgrade May not be too bad guys - got this from 02 on 278h March! "We are expecting the upgrade to be posted on the O2 Uk website within the next 1-2 weeks." We shall see...