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    Post [rom][aroma]sansyrom_sense_3.5

    thanks for the answers. for "battery calibration" was just an example screenshot. For the weather I resolved allowing localization. But for the calendar widget, there is only one of Android, but not the htc.
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    Post [rom][aroma]sansyrom_sense_3.5

    sorry for my bad English, here's an example: the number 21 in the upper right :D
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    Post [rom][aroma]sansyrom_sense_3.5

    I flashed LV1.2 downloaded from the forum. I wipe and reflashing LV with aroma and is now ok. Some questions / information: I set the battery percentage? HTC Widgets are not here (calendar can not be downloaded) The weather, there are few cities in Italy !! is possible battery status and...
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    Post [rom][aroma]sansyrom_sense_3.5

    I flashed lasventuras 1.2, but it does not work. The phone got stuck into bootloop
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    Post [ROM]Elelinux-7.2-Hero-v3.9 Android 2.3.7 (2012-07-03)

    There is a bug in the animation on / off "crt tv." The screen turns green when you rotate the phone. I turned off the animation, rebooted the phone, and now I no longer have the green screen!
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    Post [ROM]Elelinux-7.2-Hero-v3.9 Android 2.3.7 (2012-07-03)

    happens to me, from 2 days ...:confused:
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    Post [UPDATED][07.07.12][USB Fixed][ROM][Odexed]ArmSense_XE_0.6.130 Android2.3.5+sense3.5

    I login to gmail account from my pc, and I received the notice of other access to my account from russia! (I'm Italian) keyloggers from app of gmail? :D:D mhh .. I like it, but I prefer to change the rom ... :( sorry for my bad English.
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    Post [ROM][Sense 2.3.3] SalsaSense 4.0 - GB Sense is fast?!

    in this rom there are all the European languages​​, but there is no Italian! why? :(
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    Post [ROM][2.3.5] Zero Hero Sense 3.5 RC 2.5 [Mar. 2, 2012]

    CWM must use to flash it, not amon ra
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    Post [ROM][2.3.5] Zero Hero Sense 3.5 RC 2.5 [Mar. 2, 2012]

    I had already selected the Italian as a second language, but the prediction is in English.
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    Post [ROM][2.3.5] Zero Hero Sense 3.5 RC 2.5 [Mar. 2, 2012]

    quote IT logo appears on the keyboard, but T9 still in English ---------- Post added at 10:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 AM ---------- harut56 app of the sim-card of my mobile operator does not appear in the menu of the phone (Postemobile italy) The weather should be forced to...
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    Post [GAME] MonkeyTown

    why the free app, read contact data??
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    Post [LIST] Must Have Android Games

    unblock me free solitarie mahjong jewels
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    Post What home launcher do you use

    go launcher ex +ex notification, but it is slower than other
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    Post Best free calling app?

    i use viber