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    Post How to flash firmware on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 - step-by-step guide

    Hi! There were times when trying to reboot to recovery after installing the rom, screen just displays black. Force restart gives me fastboot even when I try to boot to recovery. A stock rom flash helps me go back to square one. What did I go wrong? It happened several times already.
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    Post Fastboot issue

    :highfive: This saved me after wasting a day just reading everywhere. Thank you so much!
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    Post [WIP] TWRP Development for SM-P205 (Tab A 8.0 2019 Exynos model)

    Been wanting to see updates for this too. Any progress?
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 0 with S Pen 2019 LTE (SM-P205) - Owner Review

    Yep. This one nailed it! :D I couldn't ask for a better way to wake up the screen especially when its lying flat. :highfive:
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    Post Help Me Please!!!

    tried using the erecovery to download and install original firmware?
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    Post One-click Root says compatibility for P20 Lite on their site

    Any root method requires an unlocked bootloader.
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    Post will we get GPU Turbo?

    I got the update last week. Just be patient though. The update with GPU Turbo is currently rolling out to all P20 lite variants.
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    Post One-click Root says compatibility for P20 Lite on their site

    tried the patched ramdisk method (magisk)? still works well with the latest update. :)
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    Post [ROOT] How to properly root the P20 lite

    Works on the latest update. Thank you!
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    Post Huawei P20 Lite root

    This method boot-loops version. Please be wary.
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    Post huawei mate 10 lite

    No NFC :)
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    Post P9 lite

    but hisuite shows no update :(
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    Post HwOTA for Huawei P9 Lite

    where do I download the firmware files by the way?
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    Post [Root] How to root Phoenix OS without replacing system.img

    Which specific variant you used and what phoenix os ver did you installed it to? :confused:
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    Post Phoenix OS v2.5.9 Released

    I find it difficult to use as I am using single boot. :(