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    Loll I'm on your favorite 4G Quotes.

    I can openly admit that I am not a android expert; however, i really want to help contribute to the community in any way possible. I have a great deal of design/website expertee's and because super D is my favourite ROM by far, I would like to offer you a totally donated blog/website & hosting for your roms similar to the cyanogenmod website.

    You would have access to the admin section by username and password and would be totally in control of the whole site.

    If this appeals to you then please get in touch asap either as a PM or an email to [email protected]

    Hello New to Flashing your stuff and i really want to use your roms but everytime i try to flash the Danger Radio i get

    E: can't open /sdcard/

    i was wondering if you knew how to fix this
    Hey man, which ROM do you think is faster, SuperD or FastTest?
    Will you ever make a reverted kernel w/o the rom hack? I'm sure other people have the same question lol (i kinda like to play with the 3d games sometimes and i prefer SuperD over cyan)
    Hey it would be cool if you add the HTC Music APK into this rom... I have it if you do not but I seen it work on a Fender Mytouch 3G so maybe you can get it working in the Super D rom so the people that liked the Hero Music player can get the same music experience without flashing a hero rom
    dude hey just wanted to ask about the blk theme plate.. is it going to change the app pull up bar to the actual nexus one, one?? cuzs i like the super d 1.5 one cuzs of that but the 1.6 one i can tell its faster but i don't like the 2.0 pull up bar.. is the 1.6.6 going to have that?? thanks
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