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  • brook pleaseeeeeeeee it s possible you make the file port for the kingskilck eclair rom 1.8 ?????? sorry for my english
    hey bcrook... do you know which option in the .config lets my kernel use multitouch with 1.6 roms? Right now i'm stumped.

    Thanks dude
    hello leader of the 32a movement, i was wondering if you would be as kind as to make a 32a ram hack. your expertise would be greatly appreciated
    how did you get around the rogers timestamp issue? It appears on EVERY ROM i install.
    Could you please advise me on what Engineered SPL should I use on my 32A Magic.
    I want to be able to flash a recovery image but I can't do it unless I have a Engineered SPL, right?
    What is the risk of "bricking" my cell?
    [ROM]JACxROM v1.3 32A
    About time this thread starting picking up a bit.
    All that hard work and no one realized cuz it was buried on the third/fourth page

    it is a great rom and thank you for all the 32a ports (well thanks for everything but 32a in particular) =)
    Thanks for your help in giving all of us 32A owners a chance at running Cyanogens roms! I would just like to ask you which kernel you're using? When you extract the boot.img, do you replace the kernel in there or do you just modify the rc file? Thanks again
    Thank you for porting the 32A ROMs (the ones hosted on briancrook.ca), just wanted to express my gratitude since there haven't been any other ports of the recent builds :D
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