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    Post Canadian S9+

    Please dont take this wrong or as an insult but if that answer above isnt enough info, you may be in over your head. Please research thoroughly if "flash a 965U firmware with odin" isnt all the info you need. That answer is all the info except direct links.
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    Post Android O DP4 is available

    I had problems with sending or receiving MMS on all three previous Previews, but it is finally fixed on this one. Im in Canada on Rogers FWIW
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    Post Canadian (Bell) Pixel XL - Sim Unlocked?

    All Canadian Pixels are unlocked. I've used mine in Europe (Ireland) and it worked with no hastle or setup required. Put in foreign SIM and go. Enjoy those data rates over there. 20 Euro top up gets you free unlimited LTE data. Pisses me off every time I come back to Canada and pay the ****...
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    Post LTE band 66

    Band 66 is AWS-3 and is a fairly new band used by carriers like Freedom Mobile(Wind), in Canada anyway. There are very few phones that support the band yet and the Pixel is not capable of it.
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    Post Not updating. Is this because I'm on a generic build?

    The little Pixel has a problem with the update. Google is looking into it according to a report yesterday I read. I dont believe its generic or carrier specific, just a problem with the 5 inch model.
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    Post Massive Burn In

    I RMA'd a phone a month ago because of the burned in nav bar. It is most noticable when the phone is booting on a white screen, but can be seen on any full screen view. A month in, the replacement is doing it as well. Statistically 2/2 is not good.
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    Post Android O Beta issues

    I need to remember to not leave Joe Rogan's skit about 'flying squirrel ***** people' as a last play. That wont go well in the grocery store.
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    Post Android O

    Long story short, wipe Messages app, clear/reset APN settings, wipe phone, no MMS no matter what on Rogers Canada.
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    Post Android O

    Thanks for the reply. Im just on the final stages of a backup and then see if complete wipe fixes it.
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    Post Android O

    MMS will not send or receive. Anyone else have this problem or maybe a fix?
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    Post Charging Cable loose

    I have this problem as well over the last month. I think its from the plastic inside th C-Port stretching as none of my cables are holding tight. Luckily for me, I have screen burn and have to send my phone in for replacements and can get this fixed as well.
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    Post Massive Burn In

    Yup mines good as well. Sent from my Pixel XL using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Post Pixel XL shut down ...Battrey issue !!

    its a very common problem and has a support page in the Google community.!msg/phone-by-google/QiGBJRx9oxg/j6CRnEwwDAAJ
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    Post perfect piano poll/test faulty pixel hardware

    This would have been a great post in the form of a poll.
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    Post Issues since January patches

    Im almost certain its from after the patch. I use the app multiple times a day and didnt have this issue before the 3rd. Sent from my Pixel XL using XDA-Developers Legacy app