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    Post [Q] stream videos from nas

    I store most of my content on my PC and use EMiT to stream it to my N7 not got my N10 yet but will let you know when it arrives also mobile data in my area sucks so i cant comment there but over wifi its pretty damn flawless
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    Post restore with nvflash in apx mode?

    so is anyone working on this at all or? my n7 32gb decided to brick itself it wont let me out of apx mode even with the button combos, i am RMAing the thing but its just waiting on Asus now really.
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    Post Nexus 7 not turning on at all

    plug it in see if you get a new device show up when you switch it on with the volume keys pressed, if the device is named APX you like me are screwed and you have to return your N7 :(
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    Post [Q] Nexus 7 deep-bricked (APX mode)

    i have the same problem, cant seem to get out of apx mode, is there a way out or to reflash, i have the naked driver installed, so what next can someone please help or do i need to RMA
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    Post [MultiROM] [LINUX] [How-to] Rom installers for sdcard

    its tegra 2 not 3 will it still be compatible?
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    this is only on nexus7 at the moment and i dont think the dev is going to port it, although there is a Github link on the first post so someone might pick it up, on the n7 vs n10 thing id go for a n7 :)
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    just apt-get it in a terminal windows, not sure if it updates the menus though so you may also have to launch the application via there best way to do it is sudo apt-get install gimp then in a terminal run gimp dont close that terminal then though or the application will close :P
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    wow i am impressed with bodhi so quick :)
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    thanks :)
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    has anyone been able to get ubuntu to boot since updating to v5?
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    Thread [Q] A10 tablet - A1CS Fusion5 / Protab2XXL

    hay all helping a friend out last night over skype, she had bought one of these tablets from amazon a few day ago, anyway we found a CM9 build and CWM image for this device and a tutorial to install them ( we got it into...
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    Post OTG Cable??

    the N7 doesnt support usb flash drives out of the box you will need to find an app to mount it, or if your rooted use the terminal to mount it
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    Post The all-in-one Play Store orders/shipping/etc thread

    Mine arrived when I was on the phone with my gf gunna go home at lunch and pick it up in work ATM Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app
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    Post The all-in-one Play Store orders/shipping/etc thread

    just got my shipping info 16GB uk playstore W000t :D EDIT: BTW i ordered on the 29/6
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    Post The all-in-one Play Store orders/shipping/etc thread

    oh god its horible at the moment every time i look at my phone and see a little email icon in the notifications i have to close my eyes swipe it down and hope, i also keep getting emails from then get really exsited untill i realise that its not :( although the moneys...