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    Post [Q] Force RAZR to Lapdock mode?

    Which Android version is installed? The .211 ICS doesn't require any special adapters or docks to go into webtop mode. I got the cheapest thing for Gingerbread, the "travel adapter" that looks like a big usb/hdmi passthrough. Want one cheap? ;)
  2. beartard

    Post Post your Moto Razr home screen

    Simple, but effective. The hour/minute separator is the battery bar.
  3. beartard

    Post [WIDGET][UCCW][THEME] UCCW - Ultimate custom clock - skins

    Work in progress. This is a real clock i made for my house last summer. Looks good on the phone as well.
  4. beartard

    Post Could anyone post the official ICS update.zip?

    Again, I could be wrong, but I don't think OTAs are downloaded to the SD-card. I think they're put in /preinstall in the phone's internal memory.
  5. beartard

    Post Could anyone post the official ICS update.zip?

    I don't think so. You'd have to have root to put the file in the proper place in your filesystem. I don't think it would flash from the SD card without doing the rigmarole we've been doing anyway.
  6. beartard

    Post RAZR Dock Differences?

    Webtop is in your phone, not the dock. The docks play some tricks with USB pins so the phone knows which dock it's in and which mode to activate. People have used USB hubs to add devices to the RAZR, with or without a dock. The only caveat is that the hub must have its own power supply and...
  7. beartard

    Post º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ webtop or another linux? °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

    To answer the question, there are threads on this forum and others about installing Ubuntu and Gentoo Linux in place of the stock webtop environment on Gingerbread ROMs. Motorola/Verizon (US) are pushing out the Ice Cream Sandwich update within a week, by the looks of it. ICS (so far) hasn't...
  8. beartard

    Post The 12th of June hath come!....And gone!

    I rooted (first time on this phone) and flashed 209 last night. I couldn't care less about another rumor.
  9. beartard

    Post The 12th of June hath come!....And gone!

    Moto/Verizon haven't even announced a soak test for the ICS release yet (to my knowledge, and I was on the last one). As much as I'd love to be proven wrong, I don't see any OTA release in the next week, much less the next day.
  10. beartard

    Post [CDMA][ICS][LEAKS] Current Motorola Unofficial ICS Leaks ~Latest 6.16.211~ 6/17/12

    Silly questions I have to confess I've had Android phones since the G1, all rooted. The RAZR is the first Android phone I've had that I didn't really feel I needed to root. It's fast, has great storage capacity, and at least in November, it was relatively up-to-date. But I have ICS on all my...
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    Post [Q] Video-Calling

    I use Qik. Even though it's made by Skype, it's not nearly as buggy. It's what Sprint uses when they're doing product placement on TV shows like "Fringe."
  12. beartard

    Post [Q] 651.167.26 version INSTEAD OF 651.167.20

    Is this one of those deals where Motorola numbers updates according to what you're coming from rather than going to? In other words, if you're running v1.0 of something, in Motorola's world you'd flash an update file named "v1.0" to go to v1.1.
  13. beartard

    Post RAZR bluetooth music issue

    I think it's a problem with the Bluetooth stack in the RAZR. See if the update coming out soon fixes the problem.
  14. beartard

    Post Google Music plays ringtones...

    I think Google Music ignores the "blessed" folders where tones are normally kept (media>ringtones/alarms/notifications) but may pick up music stored in other folders under media. I have several tone folders under media that are picked up by GM, but the standard folders are ignored.
  15. beartard

    Post Cellphone notification charm

    Still, it's cool as hell to see. And you have good taste. ;)