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    Thread G935F cannot connect to PC

    Hello guys, first of all sorry for my bad English. I have very big problem with my phone, when i connect it to PC, it says "usb device not recognized" and when connect to wall charger the phone says "cable charging". I tried to change the cable and etc but nothing works..
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    Post Honor_7lite_5C_NEM-L21_hw_eu_EMUI_5.0_beta

    I'm getting failed to mount '/cust' can someone help me ?
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    Thread Screen problem

    Hello, i have problem with the screen of my htc. Everything was OK, the phone was rooted, with custom rom. Now i have to sell it and after reverting back to stock the screen start to "strobe" it looks like the lights are vibrating. I can't record it with camera but if someone have any idea...
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    Thread New to g900f

    Hello, tommorow i will get G900F model and i want to root and flash custom rom. Can you tell me best rom for this device, s7 port or CM 13-14 but i want FP working.
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    Post [ROM] [MIUI8] [D85x, f400] [6.0.1] [2016-12-20]

    new link please.
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    Post [LG G3] 8.0.0 || Ground Zero ROMs || Validus - Tesla - Tipsy || Official

    Hi, for now rom is best for me, but when i try to lunch Injustice game after loading and starting comercials the game FC. Tried to flash Gamma kernel still no luck.. Any ideas? with cleanrom game runs (sry for bad language)
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    Post Daily driver?

    You mean this , right?
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    Thread Daily driver?

    Hello, guys! What is your daily driver? For now mine is Resurrection remix M with aCC 1.6 kernel.
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    Post [ROM][7.x][D-855] AOSP 7.0.0_r14 [17-10]

    When i try to run heavy games like Injustice, Injustice has stopped messege arrived.
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    Post [ROM][7.x][D-855] AOSP 7.0.0_r14 [17-10]

    Does it work with root?
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    Post Help me with ROM poll

    Answer the poll in you opinion, and you can write a comment with your fav. rom :)
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    Thread Help me with ROM poll

    Hello guys! Can you help me choose the best rom, for my d855? I don't have much time becouse I'm on fullday work and it's hard to flash new roms. I need Stock look rom, with good performance and battery life. I'll be very thankful :confused: sorry for bad english
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    Post battery rom

    Thanks, but what is Modified stock note 3 and between Purify and Modified .. which one have better batt life ? :confused:
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    Thread battery rom

    Hello, guys! Can you tell me which rom&kernel \ kernel settings are best for battery life b'cos I really don't have muuch time for testing. I'll ve very thankfull of you :) Sorry if i have any mistakes, I'm not very good at English.