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  • sorry sir but i dont meet the free unlock code requirement and i cant even spend money in a different currency
    so i think i better switch back to nokia e63 i have and wait for free unlocking software if it ever arrives
    but thanks any way
    Please help. When you turn your phone does not load windows. When you connect your phone do not connect USB. Through a combination of buttons to get just download and Calibration. Not start HSPL and FLASH.
    I have a HTC Diamond 2 T5353 clone.
    ROM Version: ENG
    Memory Card 2 Gb FAT 32
    Thank you for your reply.
    I TRIED TO INSTALL :RUU_Topaz_HTC_ELL_1.40.482.4_Radio_Signed_Topaz_61 .20t.25.10_3.43.25.19_Ship.exe
    TO MY HTC KAISER 130 [=MDA VARIO III] WITH ENG ROM and in a phase trhow me out with message : devices dont much.
    I want to install to my kaiser GREEK rom . Can I ?
    here , Greece , HTC-greece dont support devices with non-Greece IMEI....

    Please help
    Many thanks
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