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    Post Flashing Custom ROMs (GSI build) on Moto one Action

    Which partition do we select to flash the image?:confused:
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    Post Pix3lify [Unity]

    Fully working on Motorola One Action running Q! Currentlyy using the stock launcher because I like the Android 10 gestures and not interested in installing a custom rom. Is there anyway to incorporate the pixel search widget with assistant in the dock with this module?
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    Post [TWRP + MAGISK] Root your Motorola One Action

    Kind of off topic, but with the -2 firmware flashed does it change the home launcher appearance? I'm trying to get the Google search widget in the dock without using a 3rd party launcher. Not sure why the -4 does not have this feature. It seems like it should cause when you look at the picture...
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    Post Beta Android 10 - Snapdragon

    With the official build Goodlock is now working. The only issue is when you activate task changer it removes the Android 10 animations. I enjoy the animations so Goodlock is no go for me until they fix that issue. Anyone else notice this?
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    Found a hidden setting (at least I think its hidden). I'm on beta 3. I down loaded an app called Dark Mode from the play store. It allows you to open a Night Light Setting like the Pixel. It appears to be an amber light filter.
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    Beta 2 is out. ZSL9.
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    Not sure why you're not getting the OTA. Have you tried to clear the data from the Members app and try registering again? Tried rebooting and checking for the OTA? Booting into recovery and deleting cache partition, then check for OTA? That's all I could think of. There really isn't any tricks...
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    The only way to get the 1UI 2.0 member beta access is to be in CSK1 9.0 firmware. Once you register in Samsung Members you need to go to the settings and manually check the Sofware Updates to receive the OTA download prompt.
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    It definitely takes getting use to. I have been using the Q swipe gestures now for a couple days and starting to get the hang of it. I am really enjoying 1UI 2.0. I feel like it's as close to stock android as Samsung has ever been. This is the first time I've tried flashing G960U1 firmware too...
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    There is a "more options" setting that will allow you to change it to the same swipe gestures as Pie. I wasn't feeling that new fancy left swipe, right swipe deal either.
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    Not sure if this will work for me now that I'm reading it over. It appears I would need a 960U1 device to obtain its firmware? I have a 960U AT&T and wanting to flash U1 firmware to get the Beta DL link.
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    Post OneUI 2.0 Beta live in U.S. !!

    It appears Sammobile has taken down the latest CSK1 G960U1 software. Everytime I try to DL it says it's been permanently moved. Does anyone know of another good source for this firmware?:fingers-crossed:
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    Post S9/S9+ Android Pie Discussion (Formerly Alpha/Beta)

    Damn Fake 5G! :mad: