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    Post FLASHTOOL BETA (Optimize fix, xRecovery fix)

    report Root worked properly on u20i 2.1.1.A.0.6 mini pro , installed xRecovey , rebooted into recovery mode , (remote recovery controls are not working) I was nervous about optimization so I didn't try that 1 , maybe next time :p
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    Post [RECOVERY] xRecovery-mini 0.1-beta | INITIAL RELEASE | 18/12/2010

    somethings wrong -_- I've already used this once on my SE x10mini pro U20i 2.1.1.A.0.6 , worked perfectly fine . yesterday , I've bricked the phone , re-updated it to get it to workd again . and whatever I do I can't access xRecovery menu again !:confused: rooted with superoneclick ...
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    Post Any way to Hard or Master Reset Xperia X10 Mini pro

    Think the best way is to update/RE-update your phone . I've just done this to get my phone frome BRICK state to life ^_^ seeing SE logo was never this joyous !