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    Post [ROM][JB]SevenBean Halla V.0.5[nAa-oxydojb][Xperia SEMC][CM10][25/03/13]Only Believe

    jelly bean with experia idea to reduce ram consumtion..!
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    Thread Do I have to root before?

    I am on Gingerbread 2.3.4 and I tried to instal custom rom 5 times ...It iwas not successfully. Ask : ~Do I have to root my device to install custom rom? ?
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    Post [PORT][ROM] GingerDX v29 (08/10/2012)

    Can I flash it from 2.3.4 Gingerbread ? Amazing....!! Nice to see this rom in the other device (Xperia ).I know that it is a powerfull rom cause I am Xperia User Now I want to flash it in my device Galaxy mini Would you explain to me about requirements to flash this rom ?? Yesterday I...
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    Post Can I flash firmware ??

    flash another cusrom ( 1# Emanon7,2nd Xperia Gamer)>>not booting. Now it is booting after I flash new firmware.
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    Post Can I flash firmware ??

    I have tried to do like that,but still stuck.
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    Thread Can I flash firmware ?? Guy ..My Galaxy mini has stuck on bootanimation...Can I flash this Firmware to make it booting ???
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    Post stuck on bootanimation ??

    Of course..I flash it on galaxy mini,How about firmware ?? Is it not issue ?/ Coz after that I try to restore in cwm,but still stuck .
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    Thread stuck on bootanimation ??

    Hello guys...I am Experia User,I have flashed Gingerbread firmware 2.3.3 and installed cwm successfully. Then I tried to install EmanoNRom v7,and got stuck on bootanimation ...I have tried to wait and put batry but still stuck. Help me...What must I do ???
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    Post have i change a kernel ??

    Thanks for your time....nice to see this forum,God bless you !!!
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    Post have i change a kernel ??

    do you mean no need root to upgrade & mod this device??
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    Post have i change a kernel ??

    so I must upgrade to official ginger then rooting and instal cwm ??
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    Post have i change a kernel ??

    I search and get a thread that I can start to root and instal cwm on froyo ,is that right? how about kernel and unlock bootloader ??do you mean the default kernel has support all custom rom ??
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    Post [Q] [REQ] CM9 camera bug fix

    put camera app from market..may it help you !!
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    Thread have i change a kernel ??

    Hello Guys..I am Experia user,.now I want to learn about how to mod Galaxy mini. questions : ~Have I change a kernel to upgrade or install custom rom ?? ~which one of stable rom ?? based Cm7, Cm9 or Cm10 ?? ~which rom will give me more free ram and perfomance ?? Any one would help me...
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    Post [Q] Ulitmate settings for V6 SUPERCHARGER on ICS

    if you run on CM7 so Lukenda's thread is the best to get more free ram ,not on CM9