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    Post Searching for good working ROM (EU) (R800i)

    I use gin2kitkat. Very good rom with good space and options to overclock as standard. I found an apk for Play store and it updates the market automatically and you can log in as usual. I used link2sd to freeze google play services as this can take up the entire internal storage and have no...
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    Post [APP] play store update (US only for now)

    I wouldnt bother installing the Play Store unless you are prepared to install link2SD and link Google Play Services to your SD as it will initially install to your internal storage and eat literally every MB of your memory. Linking everything to your SD card will drastically slow down your...
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    Post Verizon Xperia Play Market app keeps crashing/failing, can't get Play Storeonto phone

    I downloaded a Play Store apk and installed that and it automatically updates the market to Play store. Hope that helps.
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    Post [R800i] ReFlash FTF Bundle

    Thanks for this. Needed to do a reflash to stock as something had become corrupted with mine and wouldnt load any apps. Havent used flashtool for years and was surprised that I managed to flash with windows 10 64 bits too which I wasnt expecting.
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    Post Another Chinese PSPhone wannabe

    Is that Belchine one in stock? Couldnt see anything about a preorder but there are no details on it whatsoever? Really interested in buying this.
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    Post Who uses xperia play as the main gadget?

    Hi Dilemina. Long time no see. Nice to see some of the 'oldies' still come here hehe. I really liked the much i5. I felt that it was much better quality that the price would have you believe. I kept mine in a PS Vita case and it was immaculate when I sold it. I tried to buy another a year or so...
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    Post stopping bloody google play services using all my internal storage

    Basically, take a bit of time to read THIS WIKI First you want to unlock the bootloader. you can do this at the official Sony site HERE Then you need to root. I theres a couple of guides in the Wiki. I've always used Superoneclick but any method should be fine. Install a new kernel...
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    Post stopping bloody google play services using all my internal storage

    I'm using mine on a stock rom which has been rooted on doomkernel and debloated. I have the paid version of link2sd so can move everything to the SD inc internal data and I have moved google play services and have no issues at all. I have about 10gb of data installed on my xplay, inc YouTube and...
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    Post How many still have a play

    Got a Xiaomi Redmi Pro for Xmas. Missus smashed it a few weeks ago. I've been using my XP again and I have to say that properly set up it's still more than usable in 2017. On stock rom with DoomKernel overclocked to 1.6ghz and no issues. 32gb MicroSD with Link2SD moving EVERYTHING across...
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    Post Poor perfomance and where to find doomkernel14?

    Im using Doomkernel with stock rom overclocked to 1.6ghz. For me this has been the best combination with regard to stability and compatibility. I tried many roms and the phone became unusable at times. Adreno gave too many glitches for me. Some games were missing textures etc. As for the 9000...
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    Post How many still have a play

    I have recently flashed mine back to stock 2.3.7 and then installed doomkernel and it is working brilliantly. I had one of the ICS roms installed beforehand and it was running painfully slow but its easily fast enough on stock to be a daily driver. I have it overclocked to 1.6 on interactive at...
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    Post Mlais M52 Red Note Review + Root + ROMs + Info

    Dropped my M52 in the bath a few days ago. Was watching a youtube video and it fell off the mount. Video continued to play underwater whilst i scrambled to get it from underneath me. When I finally managed to grab it the screen was flashing so I quickly ripped the back off and pulled the...
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    Post How many still have a play

    Loving my new XP. Got NXT LE installed with doomkernel, a 128gb micro sd, brand new standard battery and new buttons coming. Lots of games installed and most running good. One thing I have found with this one though is that it doesn't like to overclock. 1.2ghz is fine but 1.4 and over I have...
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    Post Snail W3D gaming android smartphone,New generation of Xperia PLAY

    I was tempted to wait for this phone or even just get the W1 as it is dirt cheap on banggood at the mo, but I went for a 64gb GPD XD instead. The storage won me over. No more foldermount or link2sd finally! Sent from my M52_Red_Note using Tapatalk
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    Post Need HELP Loader.sin errors .

    I just recently had this exact same issue. Thought it was windows 10 so installed everything again on my win 7 PC and tried again and came up with the same error. Downloaded an older version of flashtool and it worked straight away on my win 10 PC. Hope that helps Sent from my M52_Red_Note...