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    Post How to edit *.so file?

    Those are shared object library, containing functions other programs can call, you can disasemble them to see the assembly code, but i can't see a big interest in that...
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    Post Multiloader v5.67 – Samsung Bada OS Flasher Software

    First, i'm not sure this is the right topic. Anyway, you set a password on bada ? Well, if you really forgot it, i don't think there is another option than reseting the phone. Read this and this, or search a bit more on google, or just flash the phone with any bada rom (you'll loose your datas !).
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    Post Android port for Samsung WAVE3 (GT-S8600)

    Yeah, only screen and basic system works (no sensors, network, touchscreen...)
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    Post Android port for Samsung WAVE3 (GT-S8600)

    It's old stuff (9 month old). adfree managed to boot android 2.3 but few things are functionnal and there isn't any news.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CarbonRom: Wave & Wave II

    Just flash a full firmware (official or not, doesn't matter, as long as it include bootfiles and Fota) with multiloader
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    Post [Q] Urgent simple question regarding S8500

    No idea about the FLOCK thing, i think it's to unlock SIM-LOCK or freeze and not the phone. The photo are recoverable with android, not sure about the contact (i don't know where they are stored in bada). In short, you need to boot an android recovery (see the android dev on bada section, i can...
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    Post [Q] How to boot into TWRP recovery on Wave 1 (S8500)

    It depend of your FOTA. If you use omnirom or badadroid FOTA : TWRP Recovery mode is available using VolUp + End keys (volk quote from one of his thread) On other FOTAs it may be home+end or call+end, or volume down+end. Try it all.
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    Post Android port for Samsung WAVE3 (GT-S8600)

    Read more carefully, it's bada and not android (the article is wrong). You can flash it if you want you'll just get a Russian bada 2.0
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    Post [Q] App question

    Just install google apps, it makes phone laggy but add playstore. All infos are in OP. Other method is to install apk manually with adb or a file explorer.
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    Post Android port for Samsung WAVE3 (GT-S8600)

    It's Bada again, not android (these are automaticly written articles). Don't expect anything from Samsung in this project...
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    Post Android 5.0 on Wave S8500/8530? It is possible?

    Volk did it (omni based)
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CarbonRom: Wave & Wave II

    Bootfiles are the same for all android rom, use those from badadroid or omni or whatever
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    Post [ROM][WIP][NAND] Omni 5.1 Lolipop 22.03.2015

    I would try with the smallest package available here if i had a wave : Maybe laggy but shouldn't crash (not tested).
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    Post [Q] Nasty problem

    Hum, the "whithout loosing my data" part is the problem. You should be able to get back what is on internal memory (pictures...) by some method (android...) but if you can't access phone it will be hard to backup contacts, sms... Maybe some bada expert have ideas ? I'm more an android on wave...
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    Post Could anyone help me please ? :)

    Wave is hard to brick. File not found means Fota try to find an android kernel somewhere. (I guess you had badadroid or stuff like that). Either put a valid android kernel at the good place (depend of the fota you are using), then install android. Or boot in download mode and flash a FULL bada...