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Recent content by Bertellio

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    Post [ROM][Neo][JB 4.1.2] Super Jelly Bean™ 8.0 (Perfection)(kitkat themed)[20th Nov '13]

    Hi dev, I've been using your rom v8, superfusion kernel for some days. I really like it. I came from stock based GB rom, my battery ended in 1 day, now with your jb I can stand 2 days with same settings. Bug report: camera modes "night", "action" and "default" are switched between them Good...
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    Post Stock Gingerbread Rooted

    Rooting Xperia GB 2.3.7 ehl.ey14: excuse me, is your rom just stock gb with superuser binary? Or has it some other features apart from stock? Thanks
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    Post [Q] Neo- ticked the wrong box. Neo bricked, bootlooped?

    If you flashed a rom with locked bootloader and after that you can still enter cwm, then you didn't follow the right steps. When you install a rom you have to make all wipes in cwm, this will delete cwm after rom installation. Same way with flashtool, when you flash a ftf firmware to restore...
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    Post [ROM_ICS](ARC/S-PRO-NEO/V) Arcatarc's SuperleggeraV6 L&U_Bootloader

    Thanks, good, now we have a walkman player without all the bloatwares from sony framework. No more excuses to not try this rom. Best ics rom for Neo.
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    Post Why so laggy?

    Anyway our neo is not good for playing strong games. Buy a better phone or you'll burn your phone while overclocking. Sent from my MT15i using xda app-developers app
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    Post [Q](SOLVED) Video problem on all ICS stock based ROM [BUILD. 587]

    I asked this a lot time ago. Solution is use mx player app as video player Sent from my MT15i using xda app-developers app
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    Post [ROM_ICS](ARC/S-PRO-NEO/V) Arcatarc's SuperleggeraV6 L&U_Bootloader

    Hi! Is the last adreno gpu driver from xperia sx inside superleggera v6 or do we need to install it after? Thanks
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    Post [MOD][ICS][Camera] Cyber-shot™ v.9.1.7 Superior Auto "Hot Update 11-11-13"

    Trust me, this camera mod is far way better than other apps and mod for neo. This is the matter why I'm stuck with ICS. I've tried gb camera, which has more settings, ported to ics, but still camera is not good as this cybershot. Try make macro pic of a little flower. It's difficult to make...
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    Post [Q] xperia neo MT15i FM radio with non-sony earphone

    I think that very few will not work... Sent from my MT15i using xda app-developers app
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    Post slow CPU

    OC doesn't matter with lag, that is because of ram usage or, at least, because of too low max freq (under 800Mhz). Different governor affects only the first seconds after screen unlock, it doesn't make your phone laggy all the times. When it is running at max freq, you don't feel the governor...
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    Post remove smallapps already installed??

    Install a new rom without small apps, like superleggera V5. Or restore whole stock firmware. Or restore cwm backup you have done before installing small apps. Small apps feature involves many files and some of them can't be simply deleted, they need editing to get system work. BTW this is a...
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    Post [ROM_ICS](ARC/S-PRO-NEO/V) Arcatarc's SuperleggeraV6 L&U_Bootloader

    Hi arcatarc! I installed your rom friday afternoon, you had better to rewrite installation instructions as many noobs could fall in trouble during installation. Then if you have time you could use Aroma installer. I installed odexed version, than gb camera, dialer fix, serajir 10 UI, on screen...
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    Post [ROM_ICS](ARC/S-PRO-NEO/V) Arcatarc's SuperleggeraV6 L&U_Bootloader

    REQUEST TO ARCATARC BY ME: Hello, sorry to bother you. I want to try your rom, I read that it does not have the supercharger script tweaks on build.prop, so I guess even the init.d You say that I can have the benefits putting them personally or you left them out on purpose, to avoid slowing...
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][4.0.4]Super ICS v1.0 Fast | Battery life.[29 may 2013]

    Yeah, so sorry I didn't read all previous posts Sent from my MT15i using xda app-developers app
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][4.0.4]Super ICS v1.0 Fast | Battery life.[29 may 2013]

    Finally a good aosp rom, hope to try it in my Neo. One question: is latest Rizal Lovins's cybershot working on this rom? I know that it works only on Sony framework, doesn't it? Thanks for making something different Sent from my MT15i using xda app-developers app