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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 7T] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    Yep! I am trying to figure out how to revert back but can't find the tmobile image
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OnePlus 7T] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    Hello, I flashed my device (HD1905) using the guide: https://wiki.pixelexperience.org/devices/hotdogb/install/ It seems fine however when I got it booted, it said "please insert sim" despite my sim working previously. Any idea what I did wrong here? How can i fix this? Unlocked T-Mobile...
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    Thread Best Rom for Battery Life on OP7t

    I just got a OP7t and am a bit dissapointed at the standby time. What is the best rom to improve my battery life and give me more customization? Thanks!
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    Post [ROM] [Unofficial] [R] crDroid G8X ThinQ

    Any luck on getting fingerprint working?
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    Post [ROM] [Unofficial] [R] Lineage 18.1 G8X Thinq (mh2lm)

    Any progress on fingerprint compatibility? I am waiting for this functionality until I flash it :)
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    Thread Any Android 11 Roms for Moto G Power 2020?

    I don't seem to see any roms based on android 11 for the power, why is that? Also, I am trying to find the best rom for Moto G Power in terms of performance and features. What are the best options? Thanks!
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    Post I think I messed up my fire tablet 7(5th gen)

    Thanks so much, that worked perfectly :)
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    Post I think I messed up my fire tablet 7(5th gen)

    This is the picture if the link doesn't work drive.google.com/open?id=0BydfdK3oLqJRTWhIUlcybElQdTQ This is the method I used to flash cyanogenmod reflectivecode.com/2016/03/installing-cyanogenmod-12-1-on-the-amazon-fire-2015/
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    Thread I think I messed up my fire tablet 7(5th gen)

    I flashed cyanogenmod onto my Fire tablet 7 gen 5 and it all worked fine. However I decided to remove the trebuchet launcher to save space and it caused random crashes so I tried to use flashfire to reflash cyanogenmod and my device will get stuck on the boot screen(I left it on for a solid...