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    Post P10 lite screen timeout is very short

    Battery saving mode is probably turned on, check that!
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    Post Are you craving for Aviate? I've got invites!

    Hello! I would like to have an invite please, thanks! zamliman(at) :D
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    Post [ROM][07-03-13] Sabsa Prime v15.0 | 4.0.4 | Full Sense 4.1 | Fully Working

    HI, I tried this, i really want to enjoy this rom but somehow it is really slow for me, i tried using ROM-cleaner with no success, i suspect it has something to do with overclocking, I tried to overclock using daemon controller but the frequency setting resets after a short period of time...
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    Thread rom version

    hi i just want a rom that is fast and have very little buggs please give me many choises of rom if there are allot
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    Post power problemst no

    ok solved the problem by cutting a usb and removed everything but thne usb and ground and the positive kable and the connected them between the battery and the phone and after some trys and failures it woke up and now its charging and im like this :eek: :confused::D
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    Thread power problemst no

    hi every body i havent been here for a while. now i have a problem i really cant turn on my tornado, i havent been charching it in a half year or something like that and now i cant find the charger and im trying to use the usb from the computer to charge but it doesnt the light doesnt turn on...
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    Post Connect the charger without battery

    wird when im booting linux and the phone is charging you can take the battery out but the phone will still be on nice:D:D:rolleyes:
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    Post media player question

    thanks but it cant play videos back wards i dont now if it is another version that can do it and why i whant play videos backwards it is becose sometimes its funny
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    Thread media player question

    hi i have searched allot for media player that can play videos backwards and other nice things:rolleyes:
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    Post [May 13, 2008]Tornado's ROMs and Tools collection

    can someone put alll the cid unlock here
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    Post another joystick solution

    can you do a video ore a little bettter way to show ose becose i did not undertand everything
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    Post WM6.x Professional for HTC Tornado coming

    have someone tested it
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    Post [UPDATED to SP1] WM6 Platinum Edition 5.2.1711.18165.0.5.0 SP1 by NiTroGen

    i have not been on this forum for while but i have question do someone now how to have neo on this rom now if not i think this site can help
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    Post Joystick problem

    i dont realy now how to open the phone to clean but i dont remember wish thread they posted a lin do anyone no that link