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    Post Lte in Bakersfield CA

    get sensorly android app from market update: made a lil' lte loop on sensorly's att lte map, so you should see some purple in bakersfield now. i'll work on making it bigger, like i did for most the 3g map. ;) Getting 10Mb up and down. If you want to know what the LTE coverage is like here...
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    Post S-Off without wiring method

    The tip about using a sandwhich bag tie (metal wire twisty) was very helpful for me. Sent from my HTC PH39100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Post Text from att

    my wife experienced the same thing, but after the upgrade the baseband was still the latest att update for vivid (.56), nothing new. never did check hers beforehand, but I'm pretty sure mine came w/ .56 (refurb from att) at the same time. I'd already upgraded my device to darkraider.
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    Post BH39100 battery Review/Mugen case

    UPDATE: received. so, yeah, got it, it looks sleek when installed on the phone. I haven't seen the other battery covers yet, but the clips on the mugen seem to be the same cheap plastic like the other covers. i could actually tell looking at the clips on one side of my cover that they would...
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    Post [ON HOLD][ROM][ICS][Sense 3.6][AIO] DarkRaider 1.5.5 2ETO

    i store my personal data on my sdcard, so theres no worry about any partition accidents; ringtones/wallpapers. i've seen so many probs with icons, widgets and power drains across devices in regards to keeping launchers/settings/themes that i find its just easier to start fresh and keep your...
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    Post [ON HOLD][ROM][ICS][Sense 3.6][AIO] DarkRaider 1.5.5 2ETO

    exynos5250x; yeah, i already know that. just thought i'd post for funziez as a contrast to the numerous posts about bootlooups after update. slamming_sammy1; upgrades will almost always have problems. 1. use titanium backup to backup ACTUAL IMPORTANT USER DATA (its in the rom as an optional...
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    Post [ON HOLD][ROM][ICS][Sense 3.6][AIO] DarkRaider 1.5.5 2ETO

    thanks for the rom update! performed a full wipe and install of darkraider 1.5.5 on my att vivid (black), working great with no problems. no reboots or hangups on my att device; its unlocked, s-offed, and performed install with all defaults/full sense and chose the rc2 kozmikernal with all...
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    Post HTC Vivid Stock ICS Issues

    I just upgraded my phone from a sony x10 (running z's rom/kernel) to a refurbished htc vivid for a penny (thru the att store, plus 25 bux tax+36 bux activation). refurb vivid is like new/clean display (the misses vivid has a very minor scratch on display) the vivid is great, physically solid...
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    Post BH39100 battery Review/Mugen case

    update: order went thru with confirmation of shipping from mugen/hongkong. 2-3 guestimation. looking forward to it. thanks for the info. i went ahead and ordered one, after mailing mugen thru the support site with a similar response as you. no mention of order #, but just used the one you...
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    Post BH39100 battery Review/Mugen case

    I'm not seeing a pin hole to the left of the camera lens on the mugen battery cover, but the holes so small i may not be seeing it in the picture. does the mugen cover have a pinhole to the left of the camera lens for the front microphone? thanks.
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    Post [Kernel][7/25/12][Beta 13] KozmiKKernel [Sweep2Wake][OC][Fully Customizable]

    heya, mister kozmikkick, thanks for the kernel work. the rc1 kernel packaged with the dark raider rom is working okie dokie. i'd like to try rc2. is there a concern for, or do i need to worry about the wifi modules? flashgui won't flash the kernel due to a lack of 'em, and i don't care to...
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    Post [Q] Some help with creating an for my A7 please

    adb connectivity works fine, the solution is buried in one of 5stronginos threads, maybe the cwm recovery one. google for USB_OTG.APK i think, its posted on xda w a download link. ..i also prepackage it in my firmware repack.. findable from my twitter. Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
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    Post [Q] Some help with creating an for my A7 please

    ..alternatively alternatively i also did a of the latest factory rom that may assist with your issue, if the above solutions do not work. assuming your 'investment' isn't in the /system folder, it can format your /system folder and reinstall the /system files from the factory...
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    Post [Q] Some help with creating an for my A7 please

    with specifics to an update script, the script desired should be as follows run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "-orw,remount","/system"); delete("/system/lib/tun.ko"); run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "-oro,remount","/system"); you will need to remember to sign your after...
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    Post Clockwork Recovery - eLocity A7

    i'd like to report i've finally gotten the cwm fake flash recovery corrected and can be found from my personal twitter link;!/bestialbub you can now flash standard rom update.zips (roms using IMG files such as dexter's are NOT supported by CWM gb source via...