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Recent content by Beto.Leite

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    Post [MOD][4.0+] Pon-3 Audio Mod

    Thanks a lot man!!!!!
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    Post [ROM][E400] Simonogen 2.0 sdmerge - iOS Flat UI MOD

    I liked it a lot, but i think it's too slow. Thanks for sharing your creation.
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    Post [CLOSED]

    This will work on my galaxy s5 mini? (g800h)
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    Post [Q] R800a Dead

    No, nothing apears.... When i try to turn it on, it only vibrates.... I can concet it on flash mode....or download mode....when i press "return" and connect it on computer....
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    Post [Q] R800a Dead

    Yes dude, y tryed so many stock roms....but nothing works......
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    Post [Q] R800a Dead

    yes, i tryed to flash many stock roms, but only one worked, but only to show the logo upside down....
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    Post [Q] R800a Dead

    yes, it conects on flashtools.
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    Thread [Q] R800a Dead

    Hi guys, i need some help... I have a xperia play r800a here....it doesn't turn on...... I can conect it on my computer on flash mode..... I tryed to flash some roms using flashtools, but it didn't work..... The screen is black....it vibrates, but only this..... I tryed a rom, and it appears the...
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    Post [ROM][E400] Simonogen 2.0 sdmerge - iOS Flat UI MOD

    Thanks man!!! I'm downloading it now =)
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    Post [L3][e400] Aroma Installer

    How do i use this? Is it possible to create my own rom?
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    Post [ROM][E400] Simonogen 2.0 sdmerge - iOS Flat UI MOD

    Cool, but what version of android is this? Or this is only a launcher?
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    Post [Tutorial] Unbrick Optimus l3 e400 if you get bootloop after a kdz update

    It never happened with me, but thanks anyway!!!!:good::good::good::good::good:
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    Post [Rom][Stock 2.3.6][L3-e400][PureOS v4.0]

    Thanks man. But i prefere to use android 4.0 or + Thanks anyway.:D:D:D
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    Post Android L...bootanimation

    :good::good::good: Thanks!!!!! Downloading !!!!! :p:p:p:p
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    Post Speed up your Google Chrome Browser

    I tryed to use chrome on my l3 e400 but it's so slow.... I'm gonna try to do this. Thanks so much!!!